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March 25, 2011

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Friday, March 25, 2011

BRIEF NOTES FROM A FORUM ON PROPERTY TAX REFORM… WHAT, YOU WERE EXPECTING AN EVENING AT A DANCE CLUB??  Some of us relax from the chore of beating our heads against the Albany brick wall by going to hear intellectual discussions about income inequality and bask in the genius of Frank Mauro the guru of the reform movement. Great stuff!

We also heard details of Kevin Cahill’s bill on shifting funding from the heinous property tax to the income tax….a beautiful, meaningful reform bill that will languish forever in the vault in Albany where great ideas go to die.

UH OH! I refuse to get furious and I can feel my gorge rising at the mention of Albany …this was my night out so let me get back to the fun we had at this forum.

Gerry Benjamin was a witty participant…you’ll hear the details in your local paper…I just want to talk about the social aspects and the riotous times we tax reformers have when we let our hair down.

We had eight members of the Taxnightmare C.C. in attendance, always a pleasure to have –in one room-the energy of so many nutty good guys willing to give up living to pursue reform and save the middle class in the face of a rich man’s DINO GOVERNOR AND A LAZY feckless LEGISLATURE…UH OH! I feel the rage again!

Back to the fun part, guys..

You may be puzzled at the cartoon today…that was my version of a tax reform savvy guy who was turning heads in the audience and stopped to say HI to Bru and I…not only was the guy, JV, an Adonis (Zee’s word) who quickly informed us he was married, but was charming and smart and totally a good reason for you all to join the movement. I offer you this inducement if reducing property taxes and saving the middle class doesn’t turn you on…the men of property tax reform are beyond belief macho and beautiful in the best sense of the word.

The fact that this male paragon praised my letters to the editor had nothing to do with my assessment of him. To you scoffers out there letters to the editor are an underrated genre. I have it on the best authority (a tax reform bartender in Key West) that Hemingway’s rough draft of Snows of Kilimanjaro appeared first in a letter to the editor of the Havana Tiempo Union.

…give me a moment to take my meds….

Another encounter was with JC a dedicated , knowledgeable activist who has fought many wars…some of them real ones like WWII and Korea… and is still going strong to try to correct the wrongs in society….he called this A.M. and offered his help. Thanks JC.

SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING SITTING THERE…Get out and tell Albany (OOPS…that place…more meds needed) what you think about that cockamamie Cuomo budget…written of –for-and  by the richest scammers in the country –The Comm. to “Save” duh NY-

Which reminds me…a young family man nailed the CSNY referring to his situation and to the disparity in income growing daily in the USA…If he reads this get in touch. I want a blog posting from you. You were eloquent.

Also Steve G.-who never fails to entertain me with his wit and novel way of limning the scene …said-memorably- although all taxes are income taxes, he didn’t have a pile of gold in his basement…a poetic way of slamming the prop. tax as massively unfair..

Also in attendance was Taxnightmare C.C. Lydia A. who is finishing up her book and will then be back lobbying…pictures of Lydia appear in the montage in the logo…Lydia often lobbied with us before she had to take a bit of creative leave to make some money to pay her ^%$#@** property taxes…

To end the evening I finally met the talented Dave D. who in addition to his other virtues is the last person standing who has-and wears- a vintage Taxnightmare T shirt!!!

At one time they were a staple in the blog store (automatically put on “cause” blogs) which I knew nothing about until-quite by chance I discovered we were hawking thongs that read “End the Taxnightmare” on the crotch!!

…the efficacy of this selection amazed me since presumably not many people would see it and the ones who did-in erotically charged situations- would certainly experience an immediate fear of intimacy with the crotch in question.

The virtual store was shut down when I found it on the blog because we do not collect money nor sell items.

However, if like Dave D. you have a vintage Taxnightmare T shirt hold on to it. When we win this fight it will be extremely valuable…

If-on the other hand- you have the rare Taxnightmare thong call me and I’ll buy it from you. I’m trying to take them out of circulation…or maybe notJ

Enough R&R…back to work…


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