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March 23, 2011

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The good guys…the bad guys…the ones we’re waiting to step up to the plate.


It’s important to know daily what’s going on in the Albany Swamp…who’s moving the issue of tax equity in the right direction…towards a better NYS…towards preserving our services and our standing as the world capital.

NYS has a reputation as a generous, vital, cultured, exciting, beautiful state with a diverse and vibrant population. This is where it’s all happening. We have it all to lose if the bad guys win.

The bad guys you already know; many (not all) the Wall Street crowd that caused the nation to lose millions of jobs and its confidence in the financial system…the recession caused by recklessness and greed cast a pall over our democratic system itself.

Subsequent behavior by the self-same scammers has been no better.

 The Committee to “Save” NY (a creature of Cuomo and BIG banks,  BIG businesses, and BIG corporations) has been fighting our tax reform initiative; doing a snow job on our  pusillanimous legislators ; and has helped finance the governor’s push for tax cuts for the wealthiest people in this state??!!-and many living out of the state but making their millions here??!! Not to mention AGAIN that New Jersey will get about 350,000,000 and Connecticut a goodly sum also if we give millionaires a tax cut. ( detailed in a previous blog…pay attentionJ)

The GOOD GUYS are first and foremost Frank Mauro (FPI) the master of the numbers who is the “Go to Guy” – the fact master and lie buster – he gives us the ammo we need to throw back in the faces of the truth challenged greed machine.

The facts are irrefutable. There is a HUGE disparity in wealth and assets between the uber-rich and everyone else- a widening gap which is most in evidence in NYS…and our tax policy contributes to this gap.   SAD BUT TRUE.

The movement to restore our pride in NYS and our singular place as capital of the world has many thousands of advocates-but if we have to pick a single leader who is the sine qua non of the struggle in Albany – who brings all of us reformers together- whose word  is trusted by the good guys and the most active good government organizations- that would have to be Ron Deutsch (NYFF), multi- talented, multi-tasker, unimpeachable in character and the orchestrator of the forward movement for equity…not stridently …and sometimes from behind the scenes….but always the leader, acknowledged by those of us who have no other ambition than to save-REALLY SAVE NY.    

        —and a major impact man…

At present keep your eye on Senator John Bonacic who has stepped out in front of the pack –ALONE AND DETERMINED_and introduced a bill NOT to give a 5 billion tax break to millionaires but to give that money to provide property tax relief -a BIG circuit breaker -and restoration of education services…in dedicated funds…in a lock boxnot to be given to state government to squander or to give tax breaks to the already privileged.

It’s important to make clear to his republican conference and democrats in the Senate that we support Sen Bonacic wholeheartedly.

Voters prize action and initiative like John Bonacic’s and –frankly- deplore sheep-like and concretized legislators…

Urge your senator to support Bonacic’s efforts on behalf of all of us.

More on the good guys and the bad guys later…

Keep tuned.


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