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February 25, 2011

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Round ten (or a hundred) Friday, February 25, 2011

We’ve been fighting these greedy piggies as the folks thwarting us on tax reform…They DO NOT want our Omnibus circuit breaker which will limit how much you pay in taxes on your home.…they do not want to take pressure off the property taxes and the homeowners and renters being ruined by them… They do not want our Omnibus Commission to examine the whole chaotic property tax.

They are afraid they’ll be exposed as tax evaders….

WELL HERE THEY ARE…stars-no, make that black holes – of a new report. It’s worse than I thought…and-hard as they have tried to stifle us- there are plenty of other groups joining us in getting the facts out:

here is a link
to a new report on The Committee to Save New York
from the Buffalo-based Public Accountability Initiative.

New Report: The Committee to Scam New York

How the Committee to Save New York’s Corporate Elites Dodge Taxes, Score Handouts, Get Bailed Out, and Still Want More.

New York State’s budget woes have inspired the formation of a coalition of business interests named the “Committee to Save New York,” which is rallying behind the austerity budget proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The Committee’s emergence highlights big business’s stake in the state budget battle, as well as the special interest agenda of the Committee’s primary backers. They have publicly committed to raising more than $10 million for this public offensive.

This report, released in collaboration with the New Deal for New York campaign, examines the ways in which the special interests behind the Committee contribute to and exacerbate the budget problems facing the state. The report shows that big businesses associated with the Committee are some of New York State’s top recipients of government bailouts, subsidies, and generous tax breaks. Additionally, these corporations appear to be going to great lengths to evade taxes, with more than 1,700 affiliated entities incorporated in offshore tax havens such as the Cayman Islands.


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