End the property tax nightmare!

February 18, 2011

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>>> You are 100% correct on your opinion on the tax cap. What good does it do to
>>> allow a tax cap of 2% when the tax payer on a fixed income has seen no
>>> increase on his income. The only fair way would be to base the tax on
>>> income (no increase in income no additional tax).
>>> Bruce Williams
>>>videographer-Hyde park


Opinion of the Manhattan Institute…. thought Texas was great in 2009…A real star among states, letting the wealthiest off the hook for taxes….now it’s a total disaster area…deficits up the googy and schools closing… they STILL want NYS to follow the Texas model….maybe they’re not stupid…maybe that’s what they REALLY want for all the states…disaster for the middle class BUT jam for the bloated rich….what the hell…a lot of  these guys in the  super-wealthy class are incorporated in Bermuda anyway.

Dan Malloy of Connecticut….…he’s what  a governor and statesman should be…Christie of NJ  is so NOT cool he adds considerably to global warming.

Cuomo? Let’s see…. A work in progress who likes to hang with the rich guys WAY too much

…………………….and some spot news….

AG Schneiderman  (he voted against the dumbo CAP when he was a senator) up against Gov.Cuomo???……Cuomo making a grab for some of the powers constitutionally granted to the Attorney-General’s office??  What the hell is that all about?? …shades of ancient Rome?   Not Berlusconi’s Rome…we did all that prostitute stuff already

I mean the push/ pull of rivals for power in the Rome of Caesar and Brutus and all those guys…and also Crassus….whose wealth-when he died was 170 million sesterces…the equal of the entire Roman Empire’s income for a year…you know like the top 1% of earners today in the USA.

Crassus also bankrolled the politicians in return for power and pelf -apparently these types never have enough right down through history. 

Doesn’t that sound eerily familiar? Like a one man Comm. to Save NYS.

However at least the people of Rome got bread and circuses while they got royally screwed….the middle class in NYS is pretty much just getting screwed.

The signs and portents are alarming… Money in the budget flowing liberally into the coffers of the superrich while the rest of us lose and lose some more…. public servants and vital services  branded as villains and heads hoisted on pikes of press releases from Albany.  The Crassus types (who caused all the financial trouble in the first place) lauded and feted and handed tax breaks in Albany. What’s up with that!?

Local governments are  threatened with dire punishments and starvation of funds if they don’t support the ambitions of the faction in power.

What’s next ?…the public hailing Caesar as he crosses the Rubicon into NJ?…sorry, the Hudson?…

……………….and remember….

Keep working for real property tax reform.

Check out Connecticut where the governor, Dan Malloy, a smart and truthful and down to earth gentleman is doing a great job of fixing the state without the streets running with blood.

That’s my kind of guy…cool and knows how to work and play well with others-even people who don’t have enormous bank accounts in Geneva.

Keep your eye on him. He’s a pleasure.

Property tax relief and reform in NYS …still an orphan in Governor Cuomo’s  budget…STAR being looted AGAIN (and not replaced with real property tax relief) to keep the  BIG BOYS on Wall St. well oiled and well heeled.

…and how about those folks in Wisconsin??? Keep tuned.

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