End the property tax nightmare!

September 24, 2010

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With big caliber citizen/taxpayer firepower…

You wrote and called your legislators and Speaker of the Assembly, Silver, and shot down CAP trash-talk for this session.

There was a possibility that the Gov. would call the legislature back into session (before the election) to pass bogus caps so legislators running for office could pretend they did something about ruinous property taxes….as if …

We now believe that isn’t going to happen. Thanks to the outpouring of negatives towards the cap… coming from us and you.

I want to give credit where credit is due…TO SPEAKER SILVER.   REALLY!!! Listen up!

The cap would have been snake oil AND passing a meaningless cap would have put the cry for circuit breaker legislation-real relief and property tax reform- on the political back burner.

Now it’s front and center.

The pretend relief-the cap- would have given some legislators breathing space…”see I passed a cap now go away and leave me alone”…

…Until the first property tax bills after the election came due and it showed more large increases…too late to vote.

Some legislators are straddling saying they would have voted for a cap if it had …yadda yadda yadda

To the Speaker’s credit he didn’t do it.

This gives us breathing space to push for an immediate relief and reform bill after the election, the Omnibus Solution bill.

Silver is on record in favor of a circuit breaker which ties taxes to income . That’s good.

In addition there is a lot of restructuring of this heinous, unfair tax to be done.

It is a priority with the middle class; but the legislature keeps trying to get away cheap.

Your activism paid off for now.

The legislators will delay…the dunce cap will rear its ugly empty head after the election; but by then every taxpayer who can read will know only the individually tailored property tax limit circuit breaker can turn their lives around.

When the Albany pols say, “How will we pay for it in this recession ?” (stupid but persistent question considering they managed to pay for a lot of trash quite easily and didn’t do reform in all the years when they were flush with loot but…) we will –graciously-present them with the funding options for the circuit breaker (that they should have been %$#@&**figuring out for years)…because the smartest folks are on our side…as well as the truest friends of the middle class.


…and BTW don’t forget to ask the candidates in your area if they will fight for REAL property tax reform Omnibus bills -S4239a and S8702 which contain a circuit breaker and a reform provision .

If they say,”yes.” Vote for them.

If they say “no” or mention a cap, or they waffle- which they certainly might-vote for the other guy.

The cap is the enemy of the circuit breaker and the enemy of the middle class no matter what politico-speak says otherwise…

Just look at California, the poster child for the cap…IN RUINS!

Several states have already turned back the cap in referenda and by other methods….IT CONTAINS POISON PILLS AND IT WON’T REDUCE YOUR property tax BILL BY A PENNY.


So hats off to Silver…ours is a political system. Master it, guys,  in order to help people who don’t have the time to wait for “perfection” in politicians…people  need BIG relief NOW…!

When a big boy helps you out, say “TA” nicely.

People are being ruined by property taxes…stay with us, Mr.Silver…we’ll fix it.


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