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September 22, 2010

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PROOFINESS…and just plain lies.

People have been asking me about these categories (They have so!)- created by Steven Colbert and Charles Seife respectively.

Are they the same as “ truth” and “proof”?

 Not at all!

 Let me give you some examples to illustrate the differences.

1.                Some politicians have latched on to the “cap” and are calling it property tax relief…that is an example of “truthiness”.

The Circuit Breaker is property tax relief. That is an example of truth.

2.                Some 60 % of people in one “push” poll support the “cap”.

That is “proofiness.”

A super-majority support and want a circuit breaker when they are given a choice between a cap and a circuit breaker. That is proof they support the circuit breaker.

So why aren’t statements 1&2 just plain lies?

Well there is some element of truthiness– not truth– in those statements.

The Cap has something to do with property taxes- it just isn’t relief or reform.

The numbers are proofiness because people are desperate for anything… they were allowed to believe by the pols that caps means caps would limit their own tax bill…well NOT SO, fellow sufferers!

That poll was not proof of what people want when given a choice.

When a real poll was conducted with a choice between the cap and the Circuit breaker, people chose a circuit breaker.

That poll contained the truth and proof that people know the difference between real property tax reform and snake oil.

So why would politicians in Albany choose truthiness and proofiness over truth and proof?

Because, guys and gals, an outright lie is too easy to get caught in….truthiness and proofiness take some time to unravel.

Another example of how pols in Albany have embraced “truthiness and “proofiness” is the latest Gannett Albany Bureau poll.

This media company asked assembly members if they would vote for a CAP…the number of pols who succumbed to election year fever and said “YES” was a disgrace.

 Thank goodness not enough to pass a cap and destroy any chance we have for real property tax reform.

 Among them were legislators who know that any tax levy or budget cap is a piece of trash and not in any way property tax relief.

Many of those who said “Yes” on bogus caps have –in a truthful moment-supported our circuit breaker legislation and have said publicly it is the fairest way to bring relief and reform to the middle class.

 The circuit breaker limits the property tax bite on people making up to 250,000 per year…and the reform provisions protect everyone from diminished services and endless taxes.

If these assembly members voted “yes” trusting that the cap wouldn’t pass and was a bad idea anyway  (take a look at poor, messed up California, the cap poster child) but hoping people would be fooled into thinking they had done something about devastating property taxes, then hand me the barf bag ‘cause I’m gonna sick up.

So that’s “truthiness” and “proofiness” in a nutshell…

Albany has run out of truth and proof….

…but on property tax relief… they have also run out of time.


To see if your Assembly people practice TRUTH (voted no) or truthiness (voted yes) check out how they did on the link below: 

“No” means they refused to cave and are holding out for real property tax and residential real estate tax reform.


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