End the property tax nightmare!

August 30, 2010

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iT’S  A  Damned  shame!!!!!!Monday, August 30, 2010… THE TAXPAYERS SPEAK!



….we have come to the realization that the solution to the problem is to get the hell out of Dodge [New York State]. I will be 76 in October and my wife of 56 years will be 76 in February of 2011. We have lived in New York State our entire lives, but we are preparing our home for sale in 2011. Our situation continues to deteriorate and we are now paying 16% [$ 442.00 per month] of our gross adjusted fixed income in property taxes. If we remained here for another 10 years, we will be paying approximately $ 60,000.00 in property taxes. We are now between the “proverbial rock and a hard place.” The high assessed property values and resulting property taxes, have placed our property out of reach of local residents and we are being forced to sell in an environment that, according to a local realtor is the worst that he has experienced in the 42 years that he has been in business.

In addition to the aforementioned, Albany is now cutting back on the STAR program.”


From Harold C. Siver Jr. in Remsen NY


Harold has fought for tax reform for years. He contributed two excellent papers to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform….unfortunately no one in Albany is listening.

 So we will continue to lose invaluable citizens like Harold and his wife.

…and that’s a damned shame!

 Nothing the pols in Albany are saying about taxes has any credibility…and nothing they are proposing will help reduce the pressure and keep Harold in NYS.

Every word out of their political mouths is a lie…including “and” and “the”.

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