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August 15, 2010

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Above is a picture found carved in a cave…

The artifact dates to the second century BCE.


The carving depicts the Albaniac CAP CULT– a primitive group even by 200 BCE standards- in a ritual “CAP DANCE.”

This cult dominated the Albaniacs ruling hierarchy.

Instead of planting corn the hierarchy insisted that the populace dance the Cap dance during planting season.

The populace grew tired of starving every year while their neighbors -who planted corn rather than dance the “cap dance”- flourished.

They decapitated* the CAP CULT leaders and very quickly began to thrive.

The moral of this story….is pretty damned obvious!


*thanks to Curt Schoeberl assessor, writer, and reformer extraordinaire for originating the phrase “decapitate the cap” which I have’s an homage.


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