End the property tax nightmare!

August 14, 2010

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when so many of the Albany politicians and the gubernatorial candidates are ALL cap happy.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yeah! Let’s cap the property tax septic tank and that’ll keep the smell from coming out…and then we can keep filling it up with crap!

Somebody call Mr. Cooper (my septic guy). He knows you have to clean that septic out regularly or the stench will persist.

But then there are so many smells in state government they figure the confiscatory property tax is just one more stink.

Their plan: Hold your nose and “cap” it.

Even the pols have to admit a “tax levy cap” won’t lower taxes.


But they keep pretending that property taxes won’t go up (compounded each year) more than the so-called cap they’re furiously peddling …and that’s downright misleading!

Okay, it’s a blatant lie.

 Caps just provide the state coffers with cover as they continue to shovel their responsibilities onto local property taxes.

This stinky cap proposal which they’re touting as a “property tax cap” letting people believe it will cap their actual tax bill at 4% or 2% isn’t an individual property tax cap at all.

For shame! Such duplicity!

The only legislation that will roll back your individual tax bill-and not increase your neighbor’s bill- is our Omnibus Circuit Breaker and property tax reform bill.

That doesn’t suit the pols who need to silence the clamor about the property tax smell -and quickly; they need to mask the twenty years when they let the situation deteriorate.

Paterson (The state can’t afford relief and I am the state, that Paterson.) and some wannabee governors need a quick fix which isn’t a fix at all, ergo tax levy caps. ( Some suspicious folks even think it’s a shoot out to take down Silver –to his credit a Circuit breaker proponent- before ‘guess’ who becomes the Gov… goodness would pols play such nasty games with taxpayers ????)

A circuit breaker and reform of our inequitable tax structure would mean real work. Hell they’d rather just cap it and forget about it…and forget  the misery it’s causing families.

By the time you get your first huge bill under the levy cap, and wonder what the hell happened to the cap promises, they’ll have their pampered butts safely in a red leather chair in Albany or Wall Street; and they’ll be blaming somebody else- maybe road workers or kindergarten kids- for the failure of the tax levy cap to do a damned thing for homeowners and renters except to sink them further into penury.

These pols care only about having power over the many billions  you send the state government in tax money and fees- loot that they can spend any which way they want; and saving our family homes from confiscatory property taxes is NOT the way they want to spend that money-not even a little of it.

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