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January 7, 2012

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January 2, 2012

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CLASS WARFARE CAN’T EXIST IN A CLASSLESS SOCIETY… “class” as a word applying to an entire segment of society is an oxymoron in our classless nation…………..

We have no nobles, no kings, no Brahmins, no untouchables (okay I wouldn’t touch some state legislators with a ten foot pole)…. But we confabulate riches-whether ill- gotten or as a reward for real services or innovation or productivity with CLASS. That’s ridiculous.

However the word “classy” –very loosely used in America and usually conferred on a single individual – does have meaning. Meryl Streep might be said to be a “class act”. Iman is certainly a “classy” lady.

On the other hand no one would ever say Trump has “class” or is classy. He is simply very rich (by his own accounting…who knows?)

Wealth concentrated in too few hands has been used to establish a separate America of private, restricted, privileged social enclaves divorced from the nation that supplies that wealth…

In addition, all wealth is not the same nor do all kinds of wealth have similar effects on the society. Some wealth is ill-gotten.

Bernie Madoff’s wealth was obviously so.

Less obvious but equally damaging is the most recently accumulated wealth on Wall Street. These types of riches come at the expense of someone else and often at the expense of social stability itself- as we saw in the recent recession that continues to hurt the folks in the financial middle while the bailed out perpetrators award themselves ever more cash.

Financial instruments that feed off other ephemeral financial devices are PARASITES…they take from existing enterprises-doing untold damage and  creating nothing of value –this is little better than theft…though barely legal.

As an example- Wall St. scammers buy an existing prosperous company with borrowed money. They loot the company’s treasury to pay off the loan; fire the workers; keep the profits; and leave the company wrecked. The investors, the workers, and the society that used the company’s product are hurt. The scammer is now wealthy…rich yes, classy no.

On the other hand Bill Gates and some others create a product, a new industry, excellent jobs, a great boost to civic wellbeing,and a boon to intellectual advancement. These guys may or may not be “classy” but their wealth comes from productive, positive activities.

…and Gates- among many productive rich people (Bill Samuels comes to mind) is all for a fairer tax system with people like himself paying more.

The people FIGHTING AGAINST the millionaire’s tax and tax equity (including fighting property tax reform) in NYS are the least CLASSY people around. I’ve met some of them.

Very Yucky!

ALSO…Tacky… very tacky… and venal…penny pinching and mean…one woman who lobbies for this group of unclassy rich folks proposes to take sick leave away from workers.??!!


She also works to lower assessments for corporations so YOU pay their share of property taxes. Nasty!

She also protects big business and corporations from regulation. BAD!

And if you met the state politicians ( many, many state pols) who do the work for this cadre of rich lobbyists –the “wannabe rich” politicos- the last word you’d use for them is classy.

Sweaty, obvious, not very clever, grasping, small time cons, YES!…but classy? Not even a little bit.

So while you cannot wage class warfare in a classless society like ours,  when we say middle class it’s a handy way to refer to the beleaguered financial middle…there is however no UPPER class in America … there are just very rich people who do not have “class” in common.

In 2012 WE MUST and shall – WAGE WAR AGAINST the ILL-GOTTEN RICHES flooding the halls of Albany  AND against INIQUITOUS TAXATION ….including the most regressive and chaotic and unreasonable tax of all , THE PROPERTY TAX…. AND TAXNIGHTMARE.ORG with its grass roots supporters will do just that.

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