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January 29, 2012

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January 23, 2012

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January 22, 2012

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Where are the raised voices of the church fathers over the “marriage” between Governor Cuomo and Malaysian gambling Czar KT Lim?

Where is the outcry from Good Government Groups over the hordes of pricey lobbyists descending on Albany to steamroller a path for the Malaysian gambling conglomerate, Genting Berhad, to override the state constitution and rid NYS of all those pesky billions just lying around waiting to turn into gambling profits for the international 1%?


WELL, the “popular” governor who is smart enough to know that his newest big idea -a casino/convention deal with a Malaysian billionaire holding an exclusive to NYS gambling – will be a much harder sell than his tax cuts for billionaires (check the numbers) and MORE tuition raises for college kids. (Oh yeah, you care about education, Gov.)


 Hence the ominous sound of marching lobbyist stilettos and loafers  taking over the legislative office building to overwhelm objections to the unpalatable concept of a foreign conglomerate draining massive gambling profits –not the most wholesome industry to start with from our state to foreign shores.

Objections to this Malaysian Coup (showing up on blogs) are being met with a firewall of very slick (paid?) counter postings likening this no-bid sweetheart deal to a wholesome walk in the park, and characterizing any objections to this sleazy deal as traitorous.

Lobbyists don’t get the big bucks for nothing.

All this action is in advance of the coming battle over changing the NYS constitution to allow casino gambling controlled by Malaysian billionaire Lim and his corporate giant, Genting. Can you say “Holy S–t!”


Our very political (if prickly) governor knows there will be pushback although Albany “public servants” are already treating the takeover as a done deal.

Genting’s mouthpiece has said in advance it will produce “untold billions”. Does he mean tax free and exported to foreign shores billions?

A contrary and more factual opinion is that those profits-judging by Atlantic City and other such venues – are VERY inflated.


NYS. is awash in  big bucks. The biggest bucks reside in untaxed loopholes and lightly taxed mega- incomes. Those billions in recession proof profits are unavailable to ordinary citizens overwhelmed by an outrageously unfair tax policy that dumps everything onto property taxes and other regressive taxes and rewards Wall St. for crashing the economy.

The gambling Mr. Big wants those billions- without any competitive bidding- and has created a juggernaut to grab them.


Sure the pro-wagering crowd says there will be more taxes available from the sad cash lost at the tables. But where are those taxes going-more corporate loopholes? More tax exemptions for reliable voting blocs? More perks for legislators? More tax breaks for big businesses? And already rumor has it the Genting juggernaut won’t be taxed at the usual rate that the knackered middle class and small businesses pay.


The notorious big money flacks are slavishly hailing the leap off this particularly nasty gambling cliff as the best thing since duct tape. They are not credible… (I have forsworn the F word or I’d say they were effing nuts.)


While Governor Cuomo is enthusing over Malaysian Genting’s “exquisitely” run enterprises ( shades of Havana 1956) here’s my take on this Big Bad Boon to foreign conglomerates.

Unless a big chunk of the gambling profits and/or taxes are specifically dedicated-WITHIN the wording of the necessary constitutional change (not that I don’t trust Albany but I don’t) to reduce property (real estate) taxes BIG TIME and support public services even bigger time- then it is definitely a thumbs down on giving a Malaysian  billionaire the right to mine NYS billions for the international 1%, the lobbyists, and the politicos.


I don’t like the casino idea at all…even less do I like  the Malaysian  billionaire getting a no-bid deal… but I’m no altar girl…so let’s compromise– NO MIDDLE CLASS TAX REFORM DEAL-NO GAMBLING DEAL.


We may be considered a clueless flock of sheep by Albany politicos; but do we really want to be completely fleeced by a Malaysian gambling Czar coming to take us over? Hell, no!!


January 21, 2012

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January 18, 2012

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January 15, 2012

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January 13, 2012

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January 12, 2012

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