End the property tax nightmare!

December 24, 2011

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December 20, 2011

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Most of us have BS detectors…we caught on fast in the cradle and figured out the difference between PACIFIERS (those sucky plastic things) and mother’s milk;  but our BS detectors  can be overwhelmed by the PR machines of the politicos and the oligarchs who run things.

No one is proof against propaganda.

Take for example the PACIFIERS lately pushed into our mouths to shut us the hell up.

My all-time favorite is the tax levy cap PACIFIER meant to bury the howls of rage of property taxpaying homeowners and renters .

That pacifier took about ten hot seconds to be unmasked as-well – a pacifier. Sucking on PACIFIERS just causes a lot of wind to build up and a not nice smell when the wind is expelled.

After that fiasco, we got the fast “tax code reform” PACIFIER. That was in response to OWS and media and reform groups taking Albany to task for kissing up to rich campaign donors and firing workers and cutting services.

We got-according to Assemblyman Kolb’s moment of pique and moment of truth- about 3 bucks a week… “not enough to buy a gallon of gas.”

Here’s a tip-off. Dems said it was a tax raise on the rich; Repubs said it was a tax cut. …and that should alert your detector that the atmosphere is redolent of BS..…

Now in bursts of hyperbole worthy of courtiers to the Sun King, pols hoping to get a piece of Cuomo’s campaign chest-replenished constantly by fund raisers among the filthy rich- are singing his praises in cringe making, treacly  phrases.

And not to be outdone, SOME (not all) union bosses (who make a lot more than the people they are supposed to serve) are joining in the paeans of praise to their governor. I imagine the workers’ lobbyists and “leaders” must convince the people that pay their munificent salaries that they actually got something for the workers from Cuomo.

This brings to mind many encounters  with the schoolyard bully- in return for his not beating you up and stealing your lunch-you give him all your Twinkies and promise you won’t tell the principal. Then you brag that you won the encounter…NOT!

The workers got crumbs from the rich man’s feast…they may have bought an end to the pain but they got nothing back that was taken away…and the middle class got-well- 3 bucks a week.

In the meantime there is still no progressivity in our tax code because the property tax will continue to escalate and take its toll…the politicos avert their eyes from this carnage because they are afraid to anger the emperor/governor and they don’t really want to reform the tax code. It’s a lot of work and their campaign donors might object.

But people know a PACIFIER from mother’s milk and we are NOT being nourished by state government; unless of course you are a member of CSNY, Patterns for Progress or Unshackle NY; or unless you are a person who regularly does a star turn in the Wall Street Journal; or  swears an oath on the pretty numbers generated by the Manhattan Institute; or unless you’re an elite person who regularly pays 25,000 a plate for access to your governor.

In which case you just got a huge tax cut, multiple tax breaks, and are being wet nursed when mom’s not around so you don’t miss out on a single drop. No PACIFIERS for you.

Just real cream at the public teat.

Will the proposed Cuomo Tax Reform Study Commission be another PACIFIER-like most study commissions?  The Suozzi Property tax reform Commission -for example- promised that after a cap was past the CB would be next?? Where the hell is it?

Will the proposed Cuomo Tax Commission be composed of the same old tired Albany hands and 1%ers ? Will it be tightly controlled by the Governor? Will it ignore property taxes and include only those taxes that don’t betray just how regressive our taxation system is?

Dare we hope ordinary citizens who are paying the tab will be in on the decision making.

Shouldn’t the Chair be Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute who is probably the only man in the state who could reform the system of taxation single handedly and fairly?… the only trusted and logical choice.

If this latest commission turns out to be yet another PACIFIER…well let’s keep our BS detectors fully charged.

December 14, 2011

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December 10, 2011

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Since he conceived and gave birth to a new stealth – patently rich man’s– tax code in three days (to preclude anyone taking a peek)…in tune with the autocratic sentiment “Your people are a mob, sir”… Cuomo has been taking ANOTHER shameless victory lap around NYS (around the world would have been a bit much even for him)…OH WAIT…one of his courtiers DID say he was the BEST GOVERNOR IN THE WORLD…(does that include Kandahar?)

Cuomo has been met with crowds of politicians and heaps of organizations of REALLY BIG business types ( like CSNY and Patterns for Progress) strewing his path with flowers and waiting to kiss his ring…and other parts.

In hubristic accolades the henchmen have said he was:




…get your barf bag before I go on…Okay? Ready?

Cuomo HIMSELF- basking in his unearned glory- has ACTUALLY had the nerve to contrast his administration’s much touted “bi-partisan success” (WHAT SUCCESS??- Bi-partisan giving to the rich everything they want? As NYS government has done???)   ///HE contrasted his “record” FAVORABLY as AGAINST President Obama’s  administration which is struggling and succeeding in  MUCH MUCH BIGGER oceans of endeavors (without ANY of the really annoying braggadocio Cuomo excels in)– like war, peace, national security, major financial reform (real -not Cuomo playhouse pretend) and major regulation of banking, health care, and other areas of huge historical import… For 313 million people and 50 very diverse states and on a much tougher political field. REALLY, Governor?

History will no doubt note and pay tribute to our presidents-or place blame… while I CAN GIVE ODDS…it will scarcely remember and certainly not mention the “MAGIC GOVERNOR’S GREATEST HITS”…

Like the silly property tax cap which didn’t cap property tax bills and the new tax code which gives the super- rich big tax breaks and the middle class 40 bucks….*

You really need a bigger barf bag for this most hubristic governor in-well– forever.



Actual Tax Cut

less than $40,000















December 7, 2011

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BLUSTER, POSTURing, BOASTing, PROMISE, BIG DEAL, BRAGging, gonna fix, gonna do it,


followed by…a limp no climax no bang whimper… same old same old  phoney numbers … phoney politicos…slick tricks…broken promises…

The politicians will NOW take a victory lap in the press…beat their bi-partisan empty chests…

 …and the final result is…the rich are richer and the poor are poorer and middle class families still pay a grotesque portion of their income for property taxes…

The middle class is invisible to Albany…they don’t see you…they don’t want to…but they will hear us …

I expect politicos to lie …masters of the shell game….but

this much touted tax reform “deal” is a lie AND an  insult…


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Comment from a reader. (P.B.)
In announcing the new tax rates, the ‘three men in a room’ which continues to this day completely ignored any mention of addressing property tax relief. A tax cap is not tax relief because if you cannot afford your current property taxes now, what good is a cap on the current amount of property taxes paid right now? Answer: no good at all. A circuit breaker is needed immediately to address the gross inequity between property taxes paid and a person’s income and/or ability to pay the property tax…

December 5, 2011

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