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August 31, 2011

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August 30, 2011

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Albany specialty= JUNK LEGISLATION

As if we didn’t have enough trouble already, Albany did one of their sleight of hand pretend relief bills to shut up all the people clamoring for property tax reform. It’s called the tax levy cap and it rhymes with……mishap…J and the other word too.

By this time the junk legislation tax levy cap has made its entrance onto the stage of real life and what a DOG it is!

First of all your property taxes are still going up (helter-skelter) –no relief and NO clarity.

 Secondly the formulae involved-including bits of pensions being allowed over the 2% cap…go figureL…are sure to drive local government officials nuts.

These elected officials are grappling with unfunded mandates from the state which eat up all their meager revenue, impenetrable property tax rules, and now the junkiest of junk legislation, the tax levy cap

…and NO… one size does NOT fit all…each local government will be coping with all the garbage the state carelessly passes along to local officials who actually provide services and actually have lean budgets already…unlike the wastrels in Albany coddling the mega rich at every turn..

Let’s nail Albany this time. The Cap is just one piece of junk legislation too many.



August 24, 2011

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After a brief vacation we’re back getting ready for the work ahead on tax equity…and among other little tasks- saving the middle class from lethargic and dumb as rocks legislators and greedy, coddled ( see Buffett) mega-rich raptors.

The coordinating (steering) comm. of PROPERTY TAXNIGHTMARE .org  met yesterday and set out our mission statement and plans for the new session in Albany.

Except for Sam who travels long distances for meetings and Marlis who came up from NYC where her photos are making a huge splash in art circles, techie members more distant geographically conveyed their wishes and ideas through the ether…okay by phone and e-mail…( I have to have some fun.)

We are all on the same page. To wit:

The Omnibus Tax Solution Consortium (of which TXNightmare is a founding member) has grown and is even more vital and central to the struggle for equity.

The Governor is a disappointment so far on middle class issues and has contributed by his preferential policies towards the mega rich to the huge financial gap between the richest 1% and the rest of us.

We will continue our mission of supporting circuit breaker legislation -even more important to homeowners and renters in crisis than it was last year because in reality (not in political speak) the “cap” will cause MORE trouble and MORE increases! We will fight hard for other aspects of total reform of the tax system starting with:

·       the chaotic , regressive property tax

·       fighting preferential tax and fiscal treatment of the richest campaign donors through revision of the state income tax

·       sharply exposing and attacking corporate welfare

·       fighting the state’s negligence in providing vital services

·       exposing the state’s shifting of its responsibilities to local governments in the form of unfunded mandates

·       restoring vital personnel in the service sector, education, security, infrastructure

·       breaking the hold of big money on state government’s “Pay to Play”  modus operandi

·       investigating and exposing the abuses of religious and corporate property tax exemptions

We are planning a launch -Mohonk II- of the consortium mission.

Also on the table for TXNightmare but not yet ready for action is the targeting of one or two of the most troublesome pretenders among the legislators.. Pour encourager les autres..look it up…Voltaire had the right idea.

The discussion included media contacts, events such as – Lady Godiva is ready to ride in Albany but we’re having trouble getting a permit because of the horses? The possible nudity? C’mon state government, you allow all manner of REAL FISCAL indecency so why are you afraid of some horses and fabulous women fighting for tax reform?

…and more.

The Trumpbours, Bill & Ellie  ( TXNightmare affiliated farm leaders and steering comm. members) told the meeting by phone that the Farm Bureau was on board for the circuit breaker!! That’s 30,000 strong-the guys who feed us and protect the land…

You can keep Trump, RichBoyGluttonLobby, we good guys have the Trumpbours…a better choice all aroundJ

Other plans were made and congratulations given to the members whose lists have grown statewide and whose calls to action are always heeded. Still united; still determined; stronger and better than ever. Ready to launch.

August 15, 2011

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We are taking a short summer break from politics until August 23rd when the Coordinating Committee of Taxnightmare meets to plan the next steps in our campaign for tax equity.

for sure reform of the truly evil property tax will again be #1 on our hit parade…as in “hit it with everything we’ve got”…until then your homework assignment is to read all those past blog postings you were too busy to look at before …and don’t be fooled by Albany nibbling around the edges of reform while ignoring the two big rampaging elephants in the room…the Frankenstein monster property tax (what ISN’T wrong with it??!!) and the absurd pampering of big corporations  and super rich Wall Street campaign Donor Daddies…have fun…we’ll be back soon.

In the meantime we advise Cuomo that his future resides not JUST  in the fact that he undeniably has that strong guy charisma going for him…after all he didn’t earn it; it’s in the genes…but his future (and ours) should reside in the fact that he’s in the right state at the right time to finally satisfy the public’s yearning to see that the bad guys that scammed the system and then got massive bonuses for doing us dirt get what’s coming to them…AT LEAST A PART OF WHAT’S COMING TO THEM…A CLAW BACK OF THEIR ILL-GOTTEN GAINS IN TAXES ON THE BILLIONS THEY’RE SITTING ON.

Handsome is as handsome does Gov….DO IT!

August 11, 2011

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 At this point, after observing the hugely stagey, chewing up the scenery, kitschy drama in Washington D.C. -and our own overdressed and under educated state capital-we should be able to separate gold from garbage.

It’s been entertaining guys but really the hook is out and it’s time to get the hell off stage, away from the microphone, and back into your “make believe we’re old money”, leather clogged Albany offices. Also get your asses in gear.

Obviously the feds can print money , inflating  the dollar and screwing our creditors (no the Greeks can’t do that with the euro which isn’t their  own currency); or the feds  can get some of the money back from the Ponzi schemers who screwed the country and got bonuses instead of jail time for their sins.

…and just as obviously it is way more ethical and practical to do the latter; but they didn’t.

Boredom has set in and I no longer want to hear a load of codswallop about how the government’s budget is just exactly like your little household budget.


When was the last time you adjusted interest rates and printed some of the ready cash as the feds can do? Or, closer to home in Albany,  gave your favorite buddies a 19 billion dollar state tax break with someone else’s money expecting some of that lolly back in gifts for when you decided to run for –what? The school board!?

Since the feds and state are cutting funding for vital services, property taxes will inevitably rise- (oh yeah the celebrated snake oil tax levy cap- that’ll help you like a paper vest against a .38)– and did I say that the feds decided NOT to get back some of the excess loot from the mega rich?

So it’s time –and a golden opportunity- for Albany to stop dicking around and recoup in taxes from the BIG Boys what the corporations took from public funds and then stashed overseas.

Since the Too Big to Fail cartels are employing slave labor overseas and won’t boost employment here, Cuomo et al need to get that money and get it quick…no more confabulating (okay BIG LIES) .

Albany’s hot air about the Big Dogs creating jobs in NYS is a fairytale spread by the kissers of campaign donors’ rings -what did you think they kissed? Okay that too.

The corporate lobbyists-armed with faux data from the rich people’s think tanks- are still creeping and crawling around in opulent Albany-scarfing up more billions in make believe “job creating” money (Panama anyone?).

…and they have the kind of access to the “three men in a room” that you and I can only dream about. Their mojo is to create bogus committees like the CSNY to finance their agenda and make the obligatory money drop at the politicos’ offices.

The scam is getting old, Albany. Pass the millionaire’s tax already! Use a chunk to reduce property taxes.  

The media is picking up on your intellectual dishonesty and moral bankruptcy…and we’re going to help them see what you’re really up to-widening the enormous wealth gap and destroying the middle class- for your own “advancement” and profit.


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