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May 31, 2011

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FABULOUS SONGWRITER, ARTIST, TAX REFORMER, ROBERTA WHITELEY AKA blog contributor “BY GEORGE” designed and drew this advert (by hand J) IT WILL HIT THE PAPERS IN THE NORTH COUNTRY NEXT WEEK! Reaching about 82,000 property taxpayers!!! TAKE THAT, YOU SCURVY CAP.

BTW Roberta is married to reformer John Whiteley …what a great pair…working for the people of NYS….head, hand, and heart!!

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Tomorrow (June 1) in Albany…OMNIBUS PRESS

CONFERENCE …Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Press Release



For Immediate Release:                                           Contact:

June 1, 2011                                                                Ron Deutsch, NYFF 518-469-6769


Diverse Groups Urge State Leaders to Put Brakes on New Tax Cap Plan

Tax Caps Will Not Provide Any Relief, Will Take Away Local Control and Hurt Local Services

Property Tax groups Plan to “Elevate” the Issue – Will Ride Capital Elevators to Deliver Message


(Albany, NY)  A diverse array of organizations from across NYS will ask our elected officials to rethink the 2% hard property tax cap as the answer to our state’s property tax woes. The tax cap will not help the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers that are already paying double digit percentages of their income in property taxes.  Tax Caps will also limit local control and severely hamper the delivery of services at the local level. Many of the groups are also urging state leaders to broaden the discussion to include tax relief measures that would link property taxes to individual income in the form of a circuit breaker.   

May 26, 2011

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OPINION ON THE CAP IN PRINT FROM AROUND NY STATE Thursday, May 26, 2011…you won’t find any BONA FIDE grass roots property tax reformers saying anything good about the sleazy “Cap” …just politicians and their richest campaign donors and their  front organizations…..


The NYTimes comes out roaring —-busting the CAP and busting Albany for trying to fool us….Now let’s write to them and promote the REAL answer which is our circuit breaker.

OPINION   | May 26, 2011
Editorial:  Reject the Tax Cap


The Omnibus Consortium said a “hard” property tax cap of 2 percent growth a year will hurt schools and local social services while not providing tax relief to those who need it most. The group wants a “circuit breaker” that would factor in taxpayers’ incomes to drive more tax relief to middle and lower income New Yorkers, and less to wealthier property owners to continue what the group considers adequate funding for schools and local government services and their workers.
“The simplest solution to a problem is not always the most effective,” said Bill Samuels, founder of the government reform group called the New Roosevelt Initiative. “Overburdened taxpayers with limited incomes need personal property tax relief now. And woe to the politician who supports this rhetorically popular, but ill-conceived, tax cap when their constituents open their next tax bill and find no relief.”
Gioia Shebar of the group Tax Nightmare says Cuomo’s cap is a gift to corporate taxpayers.
“The discredited cap doesn’t meet any need but for politicians to look busy,” Shebar said. “Our inequitable, chaotic tax system — which cries out for reform — has resulted in that classic moment when panicked leaders say, ‘Shut up and drink the Kool-Aid,’” Shebar said Tuesday.

Tax cap deal announced by Gov. Cuomo criticized by those who say it doesn’t provide relief to homeowners




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League of Women Voters

May 25, 2011

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May 24, 2011

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The ONLY ONE of the THREE GUYS in a ROOM…Tuesday, May 24,

really paying attention is Speaker of the Assembly Silver. ( Don’t act surprised…the clues were there all along )

The only one whose high level guys took a meeting with us (Omnibus) and obviously listened to our objections to Cuomo’s levy CAP was SILVER…

The only one who didn’t run off at the mouth supporting the dumbass cap was SILVER…

The only one not trying to be a big macho man is SILVER…

(He just shot the cap full of holes and said the CB is on the table…you have to learn to read between the lines like I taught you darling! )

The only one not running for president or something else is SILVER…

The only one talking about the Circuit Breaker as tax relief is SILVER…

The only one who isn’t in bed with the superrich CSNY is SILVER…

The only one who knows that kicking families around by firing the bread winner is a LAST budgetary resort not the first one … is, of course, my new BFF*, SILVER…

The only one supporting a much needed Millionaire’s tax is SILVER…

The only one protecting vital services and school kids is SILVER…

The only one working to keep affordable housing is SILVER…

The only one who put holes in the big useless cap balloon** is SILVER…

The only one who didn’t puff himself up (he doesn’t need to prove anything) like a big pigeon (ready for the crock pot) was SILVER…

The only one who now holds all the cards is SILVER…

SO NOW YOU GET OVER TO YOUR PHONE AND CALL people (your assembly person first)…

Remember: If they don’t hear a lot from us it wouldn’t take much for the boss (Silver) to drop the circuit breaker and put in a stronger CAP to secure rent regs…why wouldn’t he if we don’t do our part to sink the cap (even this weak one) and if we don’t elevate the CB.

Let’s go! Omnibus is already rocking and rolling!

We are growing stronger by the minute…The Force is with us (sorry, it’s the police…I couldn’t resist).

The assessors are all over the subject. They know merde from meringue.

 The LWV is with us.

Go Silver…shoot holes in the cap …elevate the CB, the only way to substantially limit individual property taxes without devastating services.

*best friend forever 

** read his cap bill:)

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