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April 13, 2011

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The OMNIBUS TAX SOLUTION CONSORTIUM member organizations will be meeting today…(at an undisclosed location?)

Just kidding…we do not hide from the super wealthy and their hired hands no matter how much they bluster and babble about retribution (they do, you know.) …far from it. We confront the issues, the people opposing tax equity and property tax reform, and the  forces that are draining the middle class of all equity in this state…we names names and we can’t be bought off…(thus far actually the offers have been pretty feeble…  sigh, I’d love to be tested with a big offer to get Taxnightmare to sell out to the BIG $$$ guys.…it’s character buildingJ)

Because Omnibus coordinators come from around the state we usually meet in Albany…unlike the rich and their minions who meet at expensive resorts .

We have a lot of toasts to make….to those  GOOD Senators-among them Bonacic –who know we have to address the growing wealth imbalance by legislating a millionaire’s tax (a million or more taxable) and use the money to bring property tax relief to struggling families.

In addition we can restore some education funding (without restoration property taxes will soar again)…and another toast to the Assembly people like Ellen Jaffe who support this plan also.

We’ll talk about the GOOD guys at our meet-those who voted against the budget and/or are supporting real property tax reform and a millionaire’s tax to fund it- as the struggle goes on.

Personally I’ll hoist a glass of house red to the clueless public servants who put their well shod feet in their mouths and – in so doing- hand me material for this broadsheet ..


BTW -The opposition to tax equity and property tax relief is having a meeting also…ostensibly to get people to lobby for the super wealthy agenda…and to celebrate a budget that handed them a hot 5 billion in public money. You know which budget…the one that just got passed –with lots of self-back patting- by the DINOs and RINOs in Albany.

The strange thing about the “opposition to tax reform” flyer I just got is that it says people will have to pay 25 bucks to learn to lobby ( for the Richie Richest agenda?) and more if they don’t want to sleep in the street…(an overnighter? Does that mean they’ll lobby for a night-CAP? )


So these guys are super rich…they have 10 million to spend to spin Cuomo’s $$$$$man’s agenda and are STILL charging $$$ to pump up their troops?? Wow…so these are the bad guys…rich and cheap.

Enough…let’s talk about good guys.

Here’s a toast to the middle class families that form the spine, the head, the heart, the soul of our nation….

I’ll drink to them.

April 9, 2011

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Where in hell did all the bean counters come from?? And where did all the statesmen, intellectuals, and public servants sensitive to human needs go????

They are certainly not present in large “numbers” in Albany and Washington these days. (Those are the numbers that concern me.)

When a politician in a high place says things like, “Forget the philosophy. Here are the numbers.” referring to how one plans the future of a great state like NY…and more importantly  shunts concern for PEOPLE aside —(you remember PEOPLE…those pesky things who will need to live with the results of your numerical obsession) then you know things are pretty badly off kilter.

Society depends on an administration that plans for the lives of its citizens…the ones alive today.

When the people who hold public office shed crocodile tears about what deficit numbers will mean to our grandkids while forcing the people who will be the grandmothers and grandfathers of those kids to languish in poverty and do without medical care and possibly be homeless and hungry, and be doomed to perpetual joblessness and grow up without decent schools you have a bunch of idiots holding office.

If you have no rationale-philosophy if you will- for WHY you are crunching numbers then you might as well be a bookie…and a bad one at that.

If your only planning skill is about making the numbers line up like a Rubic’s cube ( vide Washington and Albany budget fights)  while the people you are sworn to serve live with hardship and uncertainty then you aren’t fit to serve.

Of course, MR. and Ms. Politician  IF the only grandchildren you are talking about and worrying about and planning for and MANIPULATING THE NUMBERS FOR are the Trump’s or Koch Bros.’ or others of that ilk’s grandkids…then  it all makes a kind of horrible sense… I’d almost rather believe you don’t know what the hell you’re doing…almost.


April 6, 2011

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Albany- Speak has taken a new and very dangerous turn…

Below I have provided a translation of the latest spin on the Borgia type budget just extruded from the Albany sausage factory.

But just when I thought spin was the worst they would try in an attempt to distort reality,  the boys in  Boondoggle Land have decided to create their own reality so they won’t have to spin at all!!

Bad enough that Kolb called the tax on the filthy rich a “Success Tax” …translation: Bernie Madoff-if he hadn’t been caught- would have been a HUGE success on Planet Albany  …but he also called the scammer, bailed-out- bonus baby hedge- fund crowd the “best and the brightest”!!!

Which makes the rest of us “failures and stupid” for trying to work hard, produce goods and services that advance our society and live within decent parameters…”greed is good” still reigns in Albany.

BUT now comes an assault on reality so breathtaking even experienced old me is surprised.

You know both the Republicans and Dems are taking their victory lap around Albany-(with the angry middle class chasing them with pitch forks which is why they’re running so damned hard ) -and you know both parties are praising Cuomo to the skies for his “on time budget” and claiming him as their own…

Now comes a message from the minority leader in the Senate-(the aforementioned Kolb is minority leader in the Assembly…they all have titles…like the British Royal family but without the class.)

He praises Cuomo for his budget and turns on Republicans for ignoring the middle class and favoring the millionaires!!! DUH!  Didn’t all you boys and girls regardless of party jubilantly vote for Cuomo’s budget which let the millionaire’s tax sunset?? Didn’t you all just hand the super-wealthy 1% billions of dollars in tax give -aways and breaks??

HELLO!! Earth to Albany!!!

F…and just as an aside …to emphasize that there is widespread disdain of this tacky budget no matter how much spin Albany tries…check this out:


The good part of the political puke coming out of the mouths of our public servants of both parties is I never run out of material…and now –as promised- my translation of the latest spin from the so-called “government” in Albany.



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April 3, 2011

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…to translate from Albany-Speak (a language which means either absolutely nothing or the exact opposite of what it says) to plain English…Here goes my translation of some gibberish coming from Albany trying to put a good spin on the recent transfer of $$billions$$ to the richest of the rich via the “on time and off kilter” budget.


Albany Speak: “budget fact sheet”

Translation: not even remotely factual

A.S. “rightsizing government”

Translation: grinding everything beneficial to the middle class down to a pile of dust

A.S. “realigning school aid” (realigning??!! Fire whichever foolish staff member wrote that. Oh, you did it yourself, Senator?)

Translation: taking state aid away in huge chunks especially in working and middle class areas resulting in property taxes soaring yet again

A.S. “redesigning health care”

Translation: if you get sick you’re screwed

A.S. “promoting jobs and economic development”

Translation: throwing more billions to rich friends, so they give some back in campaign contributions

A.S. “making public protection efficient and effective”

Translation: Better buy a gun and don’t play with matches…because help is NOT on the way.

A.S. “recalibrating local aid”

(recalibrate your junk, politician… oh never mind)

Translation: It means Albany sends more mandates down to local governments… then cuts what little money the state gives them…so they have to raise property taxes AGAIN and get blamed by the taxpayers while Albany gives the money they saved to the BIG BOYS and their special friends…

…and, Mr. Elected Official, don’t forget to send out expensive color brochures at taxpayer expense telling everyone how wonderful you are…. with a ten year old smiley picture making you look sincere, smug, very well fed…

…and full of….Albany-Speak!

April 1, 2011

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