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March 19, 2011

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March 18, 2011

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Friday, March 18, 2011

DUH!!! The filthy rich off shore tax evading billionaire outsourcing TARP scarfing bonus baby Committee to Save NY just sent me a color advert telling me that superintendents of schools are making too damn much money (and there are a bunch too many of them in my book-both superintendents and Committee to Save NY people.)

…and DUH!!! Did CSNY also figure out what has been warning about for more than a year, that these many, many big shot supernumeraries in the school system will be given the privileged position under a CAP to decide whom to fire, what to cut, whose salary to slash???


These guys that CSNY and Cuomo vilify are going to have even more power over the life of your child and the jobs of teachers under Cuomo’s cap.

Does the governor think-in a capped budget- those same superintendents will cut their own jobs or salaries??? Right…and the tooth fairy really loves you, governor.

Thanks CSNY- for telling us the obvious at great expense-(oh right you’re all millionaires)…and coming to the brilliant conclusion that people you label villains will and should be administering your dumb cap!??

Now how about our money back  (from the state not other homeowners) circuit breaker to save our homes while you discover your butts with both hands (thanks LBJ) and figure out what the hell you’re doing with your millions for propaganda.

March 17, 2011

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March 16, 2011

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I survived another trip to Albany-but not with my (ahem) good nature intact… Using the first person singular “I” means it was a lousy day and “I” speak ONLY for myself…others in the reform consortium may have more resilience than I do… but today it’s my turn to vent.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the work of reform but allow me my moment of %$#@&*^%$ flipping off the whole boiling mediocre mess we call state government.

There was enthusiasm, insight, idealism, and energy in the halls of the capital yesterday…


…and I haven’t caught the “suck up” disease either.

I’m talking about young protestors fighting for their future and the future of our state protesting cuts to education…from kindergarten on up through college. The state government is prepared to sacrifice our children and make it hard for them to get an education for the sake of the multi- millionaires and billionaires who have bought off our “public servants”.

I can’t talk any straighter than that. The posters were a tribute to the creativity of our young…the governor didn’t look great as a worm eating the NYS apple.

I guess these kids have nothing to lose. They speak truth to power.


BTW …The “suck up” disease is extremely catching in Albany…lobbyists who used to work for government and others who used to work for reform routinely change places when it suits them financially. The Committee to Save NY (save it for the billionaires) has an interesting assortment of people working for them…why am I not surprised to see a couple of former “progressives” pitching  garbage about fighting a “success tax” AKA the millionaires tax…the only success these jerks had was in fleecing the US treasury and getting BIG-ISSIMO credits and perks from state government and CUTTING jobs and exporting what was left over to India. AND WE’RE GOING TO PAY for that IN EVEN HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES.

But our public masters –enough of this public servant nonsense- will let us perish from property taxes and say they haven’t raised taxes…as if property taxes weren’t taxes…just taxes on billionaires rate their concern and the title “taxes”.

Okay back to business…

We met with Sen. Bonacic who is bucking his Rep. caucus to pass a millionaire’s tax and use it for prop. tax relief and restoration of some school funding. Good for the senator!!

We met with the senate finance’s head staffer Shawn McKinnon with whom we had a good exchange.

We met with Chairman Farrell, chair of the Assembly Ways and Means with whom we also had a cordial conversation about property taxes and the millionaire’s tax.

Since the matter is a pressure cooker and the politics and exchanges are still ongoing I can say no more about these exchanges for the present…

What I WILL say is that if Albany thinks it’s doing everybody a favor taxing the millionaires-that means only the people on Wall St. and the big bonus bail out babies making a million a year and up… no extra as it reaches billions…and nothing below a million  then they are unaware of the wave coming to swamp them when folks get their next BIG property tax bill…as an example in one school district’s contingency budget the increase in taxes will be 15%.

We’re in big trouble neighbors… but so is Albany if it thinks it will get away with more devastation to the middle class..

The current surcharge will be allowed to expire…that means the folks making 950,000 per year and more …and they didn’t make that $$$ building railroads or fighting disease or taking care of you or doing research to cure cancer- will walk away with a bundle.

…and we’re fighting to get EVEN that tiny tax on millionaires to help lower your property taxes MAYBE…

We’ll work for what we can get but….I’m not going to be grateful…frankly I’M PISSED!

And when the dust settles if things continue as they have been …so will you.



March 14, 2011

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FACTOR in Albany…Sunday, March 13, 2011

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