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February 25, 2011

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Round ten (or a hundred) Friday, February 25, 2011

We’ve been fighting these greedy piggies as the folks thwarting us on tax reform…They DO NOT want our Omnibus circuit breaker which will limit how much you pay in taxes on your home.…they do not want to take pressure off the property taxes and the homeowners and renters being ruined by them… They do not want our Omnibus Commission to examine the whole chaotic property tax.

They are afraid they’ll be exposed as tax evaders….

WELL HERE THEY ARE…stars-no, make that black holes – of a new report. It’s worse than I thought…and-hard as they have tried to stifle us- there are plenty of other groups joining us in getting the facts out:

here is a link
to a new report on The Committee to Save New York
from the Buffalo-based Public Accountability Initiative.

New Report: The Committee to Scam New York

How the Committee to Save New York’s Corporate Elites Dodge Taxes, Score Handouts, Get Bailed Out, and Still Want More.

New York State’s budget woes have inspired the formation of a coalition of business interests named the “Committee to Save New York,” which is rallying behind the austerity budget proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The Committee’s emergence highlights big business’s stake in the state budget battle, as well as the special interest agenda of the Committee’s primary backers. They have publicly committed to raising more than $10 million for this public offensive.

This report, released in collaboration with the New Deal for New York campaign, examines the ways in which the special interests behind the Committee contribute to and exacerbate the budget problems facing the state. The report shows that big businesses associated with the Committee are some of New York State’s top recipients of government bailouts, subsidies, and generous tax breaks. Additionally, these corporations appear to be going to great lengths to evade taxes, with more than 1,700 affiliated entities incorporated in offshore tax havens such as the Cayman Islands.


February 24, 2011

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February 23, 2011

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Keeping the horrendous property tax alive and kicking FOR THE RICHEST OF THE RICH to use as a weapon to destroy middle class workers and small businesses…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You know me guys…hard headed, experienced (ALL those years of experience -and they showJ), skeptical, and NOT a conspiracy freak…I am pragmatic and firmly on the side of economic and social democracy. I don’t believe little green men bombed the twin towers or that Osama Bin Laden is hiding in NJ (it’s bad enough Gov.Christie is there)  …mostly kids, stuff is exactly what it looks like , the result of stupidity, incompetence or corruption…but the property tax reform fight is in a different category. It’s not just incompetence . There are people who love the tax and are fighting us reformers.

There are reasons the superrich and their governors around the country are now crying crocodile tears about the poor property taxpayers and putting forth the snake oil cap as the remedy….SUDDENLY. For thirty years we haven’t heard from these dudes.

I have spent much of the last 6 years fighting for property tax relief and reform… I’ve looked corruption and deceit in the eye and seen the heavy hand of wealth at work in our capital. We have at different times  come close to reform….

BUT the TRUTH IS, the property tax which places an enormous burden on homeowners and renters hasn’t been reformed because it is being used to blame workers-in the public AND private sectors (remember the hue and cry against the Wicks law??), for our economic ills.These vital services should not be funded by property taxes.

 The snake oil salesmen are saying, “Hey, if we starve public services with a cap it’ll eventually cut property taxes.  BULLticky, cowpats and dog doo!!

The truth is, if the governor didn’t cut 5 billion in income taxes-a huge gift to the Wall Street punks who brought us the recession (even if we just kept the tax on the super millionaires it would be a big chunk)- we could keep services whole AND fix the property tax….never mind the indisputable fact that Albany is ALSO rebating 16 billions of the stock transfer tax to stockbrokers?? (are the people who paid it, the sellers, seeing a penny of that rebate??…I’ve asked but nobody can tell me!)

So that’s the fight….keep your head…keep your eye on the prize…real tax reform.


 Okay, team Good Guys….here’s the line-up for the struggle to save the middle class and civil society in general. Here’s team BAD GUYS.

Baddies…call them Team Caligula

Koch Bros. billionaire funders for all things anti-middle class…imagine working against medical care or environmental reform or regulation of TOO BIG TO BE HONEST financial institutions…not nice, guys!

Gov. Walker of Wisconsin and other agents of the super rich-bought and paid for by campaign contributors (Koch Bros.) like so many officials.

The BIG corporation “institutes and committees”– that are propaganda tanks for the Richie Rich Boys who brought you the recession and then took bonuses from bail-out money.

The Comm. To “Shave” NYS….the Richie Rich Boys/Girls…they feast on the NYS body politic and they never learned to share!

The “garbagey CAP” pushers…they don’t want tax reform and definitely don’t want to pay for vital services. If the circuit breaker were instituted and people’s property taxes were limited by income the more progressive income tax would be used more widely to fund services….and while I’m on income taxes….how about the pervasive nonsense message,”…sure the top 1% takes home (to their three homes around the globe) 45% of everything (NYC)-35% in NYS…but they pay about the same percent  in taxes”…DUH!!!

They take home 45% of the many trillions produced by middle class workers and (even if true and it’s not) they pay about the same percent of the MUCH SMALLER AMOUNT which is the income tax…do the math. The statement is meaningless in real numbers.

..and if you and I took home more of that 45% we’d be perfectly happy to be paying more in income tax…and still come out way ahead.

The operative concept is that they pay the same or a smaller percent of their huge take as we do our much, much, much smaller stash.

As Warren Buffet said, his housekeeper pays the same percent of her infinitely smaller income in taxes as he does his billions.

So listen up, if property taxes had been reformed last year they couldn’t be used to arouse the middle class against itself…because we pay for vital services, cops, teachers, firemen via the stupid property tax (based on purported home value) rather than the income tax, people are desperate to relieve themselves of the burden and are prey to lies…the superrich who caused the recession and ran off with billions are now set to get a 5 billion tax cut from their hero Gov.Cuomo while blaming the workers and their unions for causing the problem.

That’s why the scum of the financial earth have thrown 10 million against us as we’re fighting for property tax reform. Because –if the property tax gets fixed-they lose a weapon in their mission to take over the labor market -reduce the middle class to penury and have cheap labor right here in the USA.

Why should the richest of the rich  continue to outsource to countries that are unstable and could blow up any day…countries where the people are getting wise to the scam?

…and why would the politicians and the Rich who feast off the public trough (property tax exemptions, stimulus $$$…tax breaks and tax credits) want to pay for education or cops or firemen??

They have their own security, their own schools, their own cheap labor, and their own politicians-in multiple countries.

The cap would cut vital services for us and property taxes would STILL go up but the richest of the rich would still get a 5 billion tax cut in the Cuomo budget.

I have an ugly vision of an America where tiny children stand on corners with their hands outstretched asking for food….and old folks in rags and gaps where their teeth used to be are warehoused in dingy almshouses….this is the dystopian America the richest of the rich will allow us when they buy up what’s left of our government.

Fight it!

Does Gov. Cuomo know what he’s doing when he takes millions from the BIG Business Council bail-out bonus baby members to promote his agenda?

Does he know how it looks to the electorate when he has some advisors who have an interest in promoting their own gain by influencing his choices?

Does he care?

..and no, I don’t believe the Government is hiding UFOs and no, Johnson didn’t kill Kennedy, and no, there are no alligators in the sewers and I don’t normally believe in conspiracies but the superrich do not want us to get property tax reform and relief….because it is their biggest weapon against middle class wages and middle class security and middle class rights… and that…IS A FACT.





February 21, 2011

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February 18, 2011

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>>> You are 100% correct on your opinion on the tax cap. What good does it do to
>>> allow a tax cap of 2% when the tax payer on a fixed income has seen no
>>> increase on his income. The only fair way would be to base the tax on
>>> income (no increase in income no additional tax).
>>> Bruce Williams
>>>videographer-Hyde park


Opinion of the Manhattan Institute…. thought Texas was great in 2009…A real star among states, letting the wealthiest off the hook for taxes….now it’s a total disaster area…deficits up the googy and schools closing… they STILL want NYS to follow the Texas model….maybe they’re not stupid…maybe that’s what they REALLY want for all the states…disaster for the middle class BUT jam for the bloated rich….what the hell…a lot of  these guys in the  super-wealthy class are incorporated in Bermuda anyway.

Dan Malloy of Connecticut….…he’s what  a governor and statesman should be…Christie of NJ  is so NOT cool he adds considerably to global warming.

Cuomo? Let’s see…. A work in progress who likes to hang with the rich guys WAY too much

…………………….and some spot news….

AG Schneiderman  (he voted against the dumbo CAP when he was a senator) up against Gov.Cuomo???……Cuomo making a grab for some of the powers constitutionally granted to the Attorney-General’s office??  What the hell is that all about?? …shades of ancient Rome?   Not Berlusconi’s Rome…we did all that prostitute stuff already

I mean the push/ pull of rivals for power in the Rome of Caesar and Brutus and all those guys…and also Crassus….whose wealth-when he died was 170 million sesterces…the equal of the entire Roman Empire’s income for a year…you know like the top 1% of earners today in the USA.

Crassus also bankrolled the politicians in return for power and pelf -apparently these types never have enough right down through history. 

Doesn’t that sound eerily familiar? Like a one man Comm. to Save NYS.

However at least the people of Rome got bread and circuses while they got royally screwed….the middle class in NYS is pretty much just getting screwed.

The signs and portents are alarming… Money in the budget flowing liberally into the coffers of the superrich while the rest of us lose and lose some more…. public servants and vital services  branded as villains and heads hoisted on pikes of press releases from Albany.  The Crassus types (who caused all the financial trouble in the first place) lauded and feted and handed tax breaks in Albany. What’s up with that!?

Local governments are  threatened with dire punishments and starvation of funds if they don’t support the ambitions of the faction in power.

What’s next ?…the public hailing Caesar as he crosses the Rubicon into NJ?…sorry, the Hudson?…

……………….and remember….

Keep working for real property tax reform.

Check out Connecticut where the governor, Dan Malloy, a smart and truthful and down to earth gentleman is doing a great job of fixing the state without the streets running with blood.

That’s my kind of guy…cool and knows how to work and play well with others-even people who don’t have enormous bank accounts in Geneva.

Keep your eye on him. He’s a pleasure.

Property tax relief and reform in NYS …still an orphan in Governor Cuomo’s  budget…STAR being looted AGAIN (and not replaced with real property tax relief) to keep the  BIG BOYS on Wall St. well oiled and well heeled.

…and how about those folks in Wisconsin??? Keep tuned.

February 15, 2011

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