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January 31, 2011

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Our state government is absolutely, positively barking crazy!!1/31/2011 5:45 PM


The governor and the Senate have passed (or will pass within a few hours) a very misleading “thing” (“thing” works in this case) called a tax levy CAP.

This thing doesn’t “cap” an individual’s property tax bill ( it will increase them); and doesn’t limit what our wasteful state government can spend on its pets; and although it will result in firing workers who deliver services, it  won’t get rid of the thousands and thousands of “bosses”, supervisors, superintendents, and assistants to all of the above; it won’t rein in  out-of-control authorities; and won’t cap tax credits to big businesses; or limit tax exemptions to gated “religious” and quasi-religious communities; and won’t fix totally screwed up assessments; and wasteful unfunded mandates; and corruption all over the place……


In addition the Assembly will not pass such an impossibly flawed and badly written and sloppy-ass bill so they’re all safe from having to do anything real about property tax reform (THAT MIGHT REQUIRE SOME THOUGHT AND EFFORT ON THE STATE’S PART) and SO FINALLY no cap actually becomes law.

….and what really happened????


The Governor (knowingly?) doesn’t get stuck with having the cap passed into law.  

Because if the cap actually became a law and the taxpayers got a huge property tax bill anyway, they’d blame the Gov. for selling them snake oil.

…AND because the Assembly doesn’t pass the flawed cap to allow it to become law, the Gov. and the Senators can blame Silver and the Assembly.


It’s a winning scam for all the politicians. Some claim the cap WOULD HAVE BEEN good policy and property tax relief-a flagrant falsehood…

….And they claim that NOW they can’t afford a circuit breaker (real relief ) WITHOUT THE CAP ( which they couldn’t pass but it’s the other guy’s fault) so here we go again.

BARKING crazy!!  

Let’ see if the Assembly writes a better scenario…no cap but real property tax reform.


We also hear the administration in Albany has found a “flaw” in the budget process that –had it been noted by anyone in Albany  in the dim past and had it been corrected- would have cut the current deficit to a scant 1 billion…Eureka!! So that takes care of that. It’s all Teddy Roosevelt’s fault.

BARK! Bark! Bark!




Syracuse, NY – The city raised Mr. P’s assessment by 50,000. That’s 50%…He is one of almost 2000 homeowners who got this heart stopping shock. He will grieve.

We should all grieve. Tax inequity  is a killer.



A woman in Dutchess waited in vain for the delinquent tax foreclosure  auction of her home to get some money back from the loss of her home because the sale garnered a lot more than the taxes she owed. Didn’t anyone tell you, Mrs. X…you get nothing. The county calls it “profit” and keeps it all.

They are BARKING crazy!!!!


          Can anyone tell me why lobbyists for BIG banks, BIG corporations, BIG real estate interests, BIG everything have converged on NYS and donated 10 million BIG green ones to beat back REAL property tax reform and kill real tax equity.

Can you tell me why they call themselves Comm. to Save NY and are the state government’s new big best friends?

Can you tell me why they won’t disclose their donors?



Why is finding a solution to unsustainable housing costs upstate and downstate somehow ignoble but passing a useless and ultimately destructive cap… and protecting the superrich from paying their share of taxes is somehow noble?



January 30, 2011

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January 29, 2011

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January 27, 2011

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WHO IS GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO?Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is a complex individual, smart, funny, and ambitious, a potentially great governor and a juggernaut.

Unfortunately, so far, he has mired himself in the property tax swamp. He has surrounded himself with a cartel of BIG $$$$BOYS (There’s a BIG$$$GAL in there too)… who vigorously oppose our mission-property tax relief and reform.

The tax levy Cap the Gov. is touting is a loser and an insult to beleaguered homeowners and renters…and it’s mingy…tiny… insignificant…a waste of a big talent…and yes, he’s a big talent.

It’s as if the new governor started his term by identifying a huge unemployment problem- he is then advised to fire a thousand people and set up a candy stand in the capitol building to employ three of those fired.

…the candy stand is to the unemployment problem as the goofy cap is to the immensely complicated and destructive tax equity problem.

His advisors need to go ten rounds with a shrink.

…and let’s imagine a cap passes,  a year later when people get their first property tax bill and it has gone up 10% (due to the vagaries of this monstrous tax) … everyone involved in its passage will have to change their names to MUD. 

However, I still say this governor has the goods to be a winner.

But he has a praetorian guard of superrich hangers on who are

far too tarnished and soiled to bring honor to him.

They are-not to put too fine a point on it-flipping BORGS.

Of course we know this governor has deep and wide experience of the political process because he has been immersed in it. That’s important.

Parenthetically and for the last time kids…His father’s politics are of no importance…different times…different problems…different music, different dance.

Everybody’s father has a strong influence as a father. But that’s it.

In fact as a woman I am constantly annoyed that people don’t scrutinize mothers more…look at Matilda Cuomo  for example…great speaker…very active first lady. She’s cool…and if you don’t know that mothers influence their sons as much as- if not more than fathers -then you’re not of Italian descent (or Jewish or Irish or -well -you get it)

I want to think the governor is locking in the Big $$$Boys but will-in the end- be a champion of the middle class…and rise to heights that few governors-Teddy Roosevelt, Gov. Clinton and possibly Rockefeller managed… who can deny Lincoln Center or the Erie Canal. I can’t believe a failed tax levy cap…ho hum and give it a rest… is a legacy concept anyone wants to be remembered for.

While I have your attention, I also want to brag that we tax reformers –(who represent years of experience lobbying pro bono for families devastated by property taxes) – are getting  a load of push back from the Big corporations, real estate interests, bankers, and CEOs who caused all the current problems.

It is exhilarating to have the bad guys as enemies; they are so flipping vulnerable!  And when the BIG$$$$ Bucksters start to try to shut you up you can be sure you’re on the right mission.

(click on the link to see why they want to shut us up)



But these are the guys around Governor Cuomo!

The Governor is having a 15,000 a plate dinner for his re-election campaign! 0h my……………

I was wrong. His advisors need to go fifty rounds with a shrink….

This is a man of great charisma….he should lose the BIG $$$hangers on…

 But it’s early days yet.


January 25, 2011

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Tolkien, the great fantasy writer, in response to the proliferation of lesser works of fantasy, is reported to have said, “Please, no more fucking elves!”.Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don’t be shocked.( as if) I am allowed the use of the F word to get an accurate quote but-as for this Taxnightmare broadsheet- I will be using the more acceptable “flipping” as a substitute .

So please Albany no more “flipping” fairytales.

Fairytale #1- The proposed Cap is a useful instrument to fix what’s wrong with the property tax.

Since the cap will not even address crazy assessments, unfair revals, ridiculous property tax exemptions (800 billion in property off the rolls and you picking up the tab), big business lawyers getting property tax breaks for corporations that are barely “American”, Albany (income taxes) shifting funding to localities (property taxes) and a host of other really, really bad things about property taxes, the Cap is a flipping fairytale.

Fairytail #2- There are many groups with names like Shave oops I mean Save NY and Unshackle whatever who support the caps.

These are all the same or overlapping groups (see my Venn diagram in a previous post) with the same people representing the same BIG BUCKSTERS who are feasting on the middle class like so many vultures. Today you lose your job; tomorrow you lose your home; the day after you lose your liver (think Prometheus).

Fairytale #3- The cap will be used by the Albany mob  to instill “discipline” in “lesser” officials and public servants in localities and counties.

This continued and disturbing use of the salaciously freighted word “discipline” carries (as one) meaning “instruction from the master to the disciple”.

Are we to believe that state government is going to force its principles on hard working local officials? Does that mean our local officials will immediately get huge raises, perks, many, many bodyguards, and big campaign contributions from big corporations? I would hope this could be avoided along with its purveyor the Cap.

But let me be frank here, what disturbs me the most by the language being used to sell the cap is the alarming use of words like “discipline” and talk of “shackles” (whether opening or closing ) and  “getting tough” with folks and I even heard “whipping them into shape”…and “forcing certain legislators to their knees”… well you get the point, my dears.

Just when we were getting used to plain old sexual hijinks in Albany , are we entering a new era of… well…something a bit more S&M with the emphasis on the S ?

The flipping fairytales from Albany are getting ominously darker.

Please add “hammer”…That just came in…WOW! Go easy, guys…somebody’s going to get hurt!

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