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December 26, 2010

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December 23, 2010

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December 22, 2010

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Are you ashamed yet, Albany? Don’t you think you’ve raised taxes on our families enough?

Sins of omission can be as ugly as sins of commission. Your inaction has caused this devastation. It is beyond all reason.




In a message dated 12/22/2010 3:55:25 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

Hi Gioia,


First I want to thank-you for all that you’ve been doing!  Secondly I was wondering if you are on Facebook with all this tax information .

I would call it NY taxpayers are sick and tired, are you?


 I think it would spread like wildfire all this info since a lot of people are spending a lot of their time on that website.


 My son  bought a house in Newburgh 13 months ago, the following January he got a big fat tax hike, then as you probably heard last month again, Newburgh’s property taxes went up

71 % !!  He’s sick to his stomach and so am I.

 I encouraged home ownership, and really could kick myself for telling him to buy a home ! Take care!



( a sick and tired taxpayer)



I know this is a private family story..but please…for the cause…would you mind if I blogged it?



Absolutely blog it, I might be off on the tax at 71%, my son said it will be 68%!  There’s already a lot of foreclosures in Newburgh, and where I live it’s going to get worse. With the Facebook, there’s got to be a way to shame these politicians into action.


December 18, 2010

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Guess who’s lined up against property tax reform and for the “dunce” cap????Saturday, December 18, 2010



The Business Council-(not representatives of your neighborhood mom and pop appliance store…not representative of small or even medium sized entrepreneurs)….these guys are EXACTLY the enemy of property tax reform we anticipatedthe Goliath– that we must arm ourselves against by getting something with a little more power than slingshots …our Omnibus Consortium alliance with unions, fiscal fairness groups, farm bureau leaders, good government groups, the middle class voter …

Unlike David, I would rather not depend on God (dess)…going up against Goliaths like the (big) Business Council.

He/She helps those who help themselves.

Well kids, The Business Council fired its first shot…they called the circuit breaker (approved by the League of Women Voters) a “gimmick”. This from a group pushing the “dunce” cap…the prototype for gimmickry in politics…

 gimmick…a device which may deceive but which doesn’t do what it says- especially in gambling.

The Business Council (that public spirited, disinterested in big profits , sacrificing for the public good group-NOT!!!)– Governor -Elect Cuomo’s new Big Best Friend called the circuit breaker a gimmick. What chutzpah!!!!

Apparently the battles lines have been drawn and the politicians are pushing back against the people, using surrogates like that homey little group the Big Business Council.

C’mon politicians , come and confront the people with your witless ideas yourselves.

So now we know the terms of engagement-big business

(not small business) continuing to crush the middle class… and Albany fronting for them. Yuch!

No, Business Council, the circuit breaker does not gamble with tax relief for desperate families. It delivers BIG TIME. It does NOT attempt to deceive.

We grass roots reformers have respect for the middle class we are defending.

Albany loads the dice for its campaign contributors. We tax reformers play it legit.

The “cap”  -which turns the Business Council on so they’re positively panting like the travelling snake oil salesman in the hay with the farmer’s daughter-isn’t even up to the level of a gimmick …it’s a plain old lie…and it wouldn’t deceive a second grader…let alone an adult with a giant property tax bill.

Hey listen up all you second graders (and others) out there!

There’s a thingy called a “cap” which says it will save your family money but instead it will make them pay more money to the government to try to stop the government from taking your house away (and giving the money they get from your house as a tax break to somebody on the Business Council.)

What do we call that, kids? We call it a big fat lie!!

The Business Council (rich as it is) seems unable to distinguish chalk from cheese or as they say in France (and my house) merde from meringue.

The Circuit Breaker -which in one breath they say is a gimmick and won’t save the taxpayer money- in another breath they say saves the taxpayer lots of money which is then paid by others??!! Whoa horsey. Make up your collective minds.

Yes, the circuit breaker does shave money from property taxes for families making up to 250,000 per annum; and the vast majority of small business owners  fit into that category.

But please note : That income does not qualify for even a stool let alone a seat at the Business Council table.

And the money shaved off your bill is not made up by your neighbor.

Slightly more public services will have to be funded from the state’s overflowing coffers (Albany lies when it cries poverty) which are fattened by income taxes (limited by brackets and eased by deductions and which go easy on the superrich membership of you know which council)… hefty fees (already paid anyway and wasted by Albany)… and don’t forget  state pelf that currently is supposed to be used to pay for services but only greases the wheels for re-election of the pols and BTW gives tax exemptions and perks to the Big B.C. members. Capisce!!

The Business Council complains that some Circuit Breaker supporters are union members.  WHAT!! Unions want a tax break for their working members?


As I said the Circuit Breaker is also supported by the League of Women Voters and pro bono non-partisan groups like and lots of other good folks…and even some rich folk who think income taxes need to be raised on themselves to make it fair!! But the (Big) Business Council  doesn’t mention that.

Let’s see who’s in your posse, Business Council?

You want to do the guilt by association thing?? Let’s throw down right here and now Big B.C… Whom do you represent?

From the website of the Business Council:

The Business Council is an association of the Chief Executive Officers of the world’s most important business enterprises.

Membership is personal, not corporate, and by invitation.”


Check out the CEO membership…you’ll recognize big pharma, big money, big funds, big banks…or just look on the pages of the business section of the NYTimes…you know, the part where they tell you who got the 8 figure bonuses and the big billion buck bail-outs.

The visuals on the Big are the Big Board and a magnificent corporate lounge.

My blog features the nightmares the middle class suffers from property taxes, just trying to keep their modest home.

Oh yeah! The Big B.C… that’s the posse  to really trust to speak out on property tax issues for the little guy, the working man, the clerk, the fireman, the family doctor, the small business man (sorry dude, by invitation only and you’re not invited).

 Get real, Albany…. I’m paying out of pocket for the cause of property tax reform….we tax reformers are grateful for help from our allies in the Omnibus Consortium…we desperately need it! …all middle and working class organizations…

Are you proud, Albany, of whom you’ve enlisted to attack middle class property tax reform??

Who do you guys in Albany work for?

The middle class citizens and property taxpayers…or the CEO’s in the Big Business Council???

So far you are being VERY indiscreet and obvious about the guys you’ve got in bed with you.

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