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November 30, 2010

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Blast from Albany…a minute or two ago  Monday, November 29, 2010 11:28 P.M.

…the Assembly in Albany-at a special session called to deal with the deficit- in a surprise move-instead passed (94-44) an important moratorium on hydrofracking in the Marcellus shale. Now the bill goes to the governor for his signature.

Notable is the fact that this surprising move on the part of the Assembly is –in large measure-due to the advocacy of the amazing Lady ZEE, Susan Zimet, one of the founders of the Omnibus Tax Solution Consortium ( is another founding member).

We congratulate Zee and the legislators and the Speaker for this Albany miracle.

Hoping this is the first of many. Next up guys and gals, The Omnibus Property Tax Solution Bill…


November 29, 2010

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Check out the podcast at this site for 11/24…..check out the last of three segments-the one with Ron Deutsch. It’s important. It tells us where good government and property tax advocacy groups need to be going, and doing, and saying…. save the middle class.

This is how we should counter Cuomo’s plans to help big business (not your neighborhood bike shop-think Wall Street) and his vague promises to perhaps give the working people crumbs from the table.

In light of Lt. Governor Ravitch’s plans to reform Medicaid and others to save countless billions in taxpayer money, Cuomo’s tomes offer conflicting promises and remind one –as Ron said – of the chronicles of Narnia.

Don’t hold back now Ron:)

…and why the hell isn’t Richard Ravitch governor????     

It would have saved the state a lot of grief and conflict….here’s a guy who is beholden to no one but himself and his finely honed ethics and standards and his dedication to the public welfare…all the public… and the ability to get us out of the hole the politicians dug for us.

…and why the hell are our politicians fronting for the super- rich…promising not to raise their taxes while they continue to raise taxes on the workers and middle income families via property taxes??

…and why are services cut and family bread winners fired instead of saving billions by cutting waste, corporate welfare, and streamlining systems so they work efficiently?? …as we propose for property taxes.

The shrunken middle class has suffered terribly in this recession- but it has a champion in charismatic leader Ron Deutsch of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness and the Omnibus Tax Solution Consortium…and we will prevail…

November 24, 2010

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November 22, 2010

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Before you break out the old bubbly at the latest rumor (planted) out of the corridors of power (joke) in Albany, let’s do a fact check.

Rumor: Gov.- Elect Cuomo and Speaker Silver are said to have agreed on a “no increase” in taxes pledge…and cuts …. WHOOP DEE DO!!!

FACT:  This is in fact cause for alarm bells to ring loudly throughout the state announcing- Here it comes suckers! Bigger and bigger property taxes.

Anybody who can read Dick and Jane or who has ever gotten a property tax bill knows that “No tax increases”  does NOT mean no property tax increases  which have risen about 60% while the banditos in Albany have proudly proclaimed they didn’t raise taxes!!???  What are we middle class folks??Chopped liver??

Cutting means cutting Albany’s funding of necessary services to us…thereby shifting that funding to property taxes…thereby raising them yet again…higher and higher until the entire middle class suffocates and all that’s left in NYS are billionaire campaign contributors who are the only ones whose taxes have actually NOT gone up….


BUT…maybe I am being premature…

Maybe the Gov. and the Speaker mean it when they say there will be no tax increases…of course the only way to carry through on that pledge is to institute a circuit breaker which limits prop. taxes on individuals and families making 250,000 or less per annum…or isn’t that demographic of any interest to these men?? We shall see.          

November 21, 2010

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