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September 20, 2010

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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September 18, 2010

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We asked taxpayers to write to their Assembly people –and Speaker Silver-telling them to get busy and pass relief from ruinous property taxes…this is one of my favorites:


Now is the time folks, you need to pass the Circuit Breaker Bill #A8702, do not think the Cap will satisfy the voters. The Cap is only fluff, the real help, for those homeowners going down the tubes is A8702. And it is needed  NOW !


You need to listen to the folks that pay for the things that effect real people, those who have to live with the good and the bad… Cap is bad, A8702 is good, or as good as it can get…  You need to do what the voters want……



September 16, 2010

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We made one endorsement-and it was a winner …9/16/2010



Eric Schneiderman-whom endorsed for Attorney General in his primary contest for the Dem nomination- emerged victorious from a crowded field of contenders.


He ran strong in NYC and the property tax reform savvy Hudson Valley contributed 20,768 votes.


He carried Westchester, Rockland, Ulster, Dutchess and Columbia counties and tied Rice in Putnam.


He has been a staunch supporter of Omnibus property tax relief and reform and was one of only 8 senators to defy the leadership and vote against bogus Cap legislation.


He is a co-sponsor of the Omnibus consortium generated circuit breaker and reform bill S4239a written by Frank Mauro.


We will always support candidates who step forward and support the property taxpayer…and I don’t mean with cheap and useless “caps” and other “pretend property tax relief” or reform.

The real deal only!

September 14, 2010

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


From a farmer struggling to stay in business-

“I don’t get it. Their farm (tax exempt “holy” farm) is right next to mine. They sell beef for a profit… I sell beef and try to make a profit. They pay no taxes…I pay a lot of property taxes. They’re competing with me…I gotta lose! What the hell??

…one more victim of property tax idiocy.


Ten percent more people in some areas believe the cap will lower their taxes – BECAUSE they think the gubernatorial candidates wouldn’t be asking for a cap otherwise??!!



Ten percent fewer people in Ulster believe a cap will lower taxes-and in Ulster the support for caps was already low –


You have to figure literacy in Ulster County is pretty damn high….and of course Ulster Co.-to its credit -was way ahead of the curve on property tax reform. Listen up for the truth fellas:

FACT: The cap will NOT lower property taxes. It will guarantee they rise!

Next time you believe a politician running for office take two aspirin and see your doctor in the morning.



   Hey G. (they call me “g” when they’re not calling me something worse) How come the school budget was 6% higher than last year and the individual school tax bills in my town were 11% higher???

Check out John’s column below…and BTW…that’s also how the cap works-(or rather doesn’t work)-.

September 11, 2010

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The property tax cap is being touted by the governor, the Senate leadership, and the leading gubernatorial candidates as “property tax relief” (which it is not), with no explanation of what it actually does and doesn’t do.

It is unconscionable that taxpayers desperate for real relief-especially those tens of thousands paying double digit percentages of their income, as much as 40% and more, in property taxes on their homes-not only will get no reduction in their property tax burden but are being led to believe that the “tax cap” will at least cap the increase in their tax, when in fact it will not even do that.

It will cap only the increase in the tax LEVY, the total amount to be raised district-wide.

Those living in school districts made up of more than one taxing entity will in many cases pay much more than the levy cap, as will those whose assessment increase exceeds the average assessment increase in their taxing jurisdiction.

Nor are residents being told much about the exemptions and override provisions which can push EVERYONE’S tax bill well above the nominal levy cap.

Albany knows they must appear to be responsive to the urgent calls for property tax relief. They obviously hope that through an appealing sound bite- “We’ll cap your property taxes.”- they can disregard the need for sound policy and get away with touting the “tax cap”-which costs the state  nothing-as the solution to the problem.

That’s Albany for you, looking out for their own interests.

Taxpayers have a right to be told the truth-the whole truth.

Only the circuit breaker will actually reduce anyone’s tax burden.

The “tax cap” will not only NOT REDUCE it, it won’t even cap it.


John Whiteley

9/11/2010 1:09 AM


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