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June 28, 2010

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Albany takes with one hand…and then…takes what’s left with the other…Monday, June 28, 2010

In an unbelievable display of careless and callous disregard for the state they are sworn to serve, the Governor and the Legislature are still facing off over the budget.

The Governor has just vetoed the education portion of the budget recently decided upon by the Legislature.

The Senate and Assembly were trying to avoid another extender ( extenders keep the state running in the absence of a budget)  because the extenders have been carrying the poison pills of the Governor’s patchwork philosophy for meeting the needs of our great state by simply cutting it to shreds.

Having ignored the practical solutions put forth by the respectable and responsible (and smart) Lt. Governor, Richard Ravitch, the politicians are bent on destroying the state to save themselves.

…and  NO, there is NO property tax relief nor is there any reform in either the governor’s or the legislature’s budget.

After all the Albany promises and the clear desire of the public for reform of this terrible tax there is nothing.

The public made clear in poll after poll they favored taxing Wall Street to help Main Street …

No response from the twisty politicians…

Except they have taken between a billion six and a billion eight from different STAR programs and unconscionably pocketed the money….instead of using the same money to reconfigure state property tax “give backs” to make them really deliver relief -in the form of the Omnibus Solution- the money was taken away from these (admittedly flawed) programs altogether but won’t be used to bring property tax relief to homeowners and renters in any shape AT ALL!!

We’ll soon provide you with exact numbers and details of how –instead of getting long overdue relief- property taxpayers are among the biggest losers of any group in this budget.

…and any politician who tells you something different is lying. I can’t get any plainer than that.


June 22, 2010

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Jabba, the state governmentjabba-the-state-government

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In yet another attempt to simulate property tax reform without ever approximating the real thing….comes a proposal from the twisted brains in Albany to reinstate some education funding under the proviso that everybody gets a teeny little piece of this money as property tax relief…billionaires and middle class working families and the elderly retiree.

How this SIMULACRUM of property tax reform is going to work out is anybody’s guess but it has as much relation to property tax reform as waxed fruit has to the real thing…and isn’t nearly as decorative…very ugly in fact.

Since this restored “education funding” will be used for reducing everybody’s next tax bill a tiny wee bit, it isn’t really school funding so you can expect school taxes to rise at the same time as you get that tiny-well you get it.

These guys must really be dissolving stupid pills in booze and mainlining them.

…or is it more likely that the shrewd ones in the government  realize that our present system of taxation and how we fund public services treats different groups of people so differently that it verges on being totally unconstitutional…as well as impossible to justify to the victims of its inequity.

To admit -by passing Omnibus Consortium legislation meant to address this property tax problem –that the taxation system is fatally flawed and needs redesign would be the end of a system that benefits ONLY politicians…

…a taxation system that provides them with a way to fund their schemes and their favorites by shifting necessary services to the backs of middle class homeowners and renters (regardless of their means or income) –while never discommoding their super wealthy campaign donors.

From the restricted purview of the Suozzi Commission which was never designed to inconvenience the pols by exploring the ENTIRE tax problem…it was looking for an “out” and found ridiculous budget caps –not individual property tax caps aka a circuit breaker.

… to the current disgraceful call by gubernatorial candidates for these bogus “caps” instead of top to bottom reform, WE COME TO THE INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION THAT ALBANY politicians DO NOT WANT TO REFORM A SYSTEM OF TAXATION THAT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE… because they feed on it.



June 17, 2010

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“I am presently at 47 percent of my income to property tax
If it goes up to 48 percent I might REALLY get ticked off!”

Bill Hecht…geologist, tax reformer,property taxpayer


“Seems like Shelly Silver is not interested in doing a circuit breaker ….”

Anonymous source

$#@%***& him and the horse he rode in on.


“Some Kiryas Joel commercial  properties are being looked at with an eye to removing religious tax exemptions.”

What! Shopping isn’t a religious experience!!???


…and so we wait for something good to come out of Albany.

Okay, for anything to come out of Albany that doesn’t smell like marsh gas.

June 16, 2010

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    As you’ve probably read, the latest extender bill, approved on Monday, included cuts in mandated services (such as child protection, etc) which will shift these costs directly to county property taxpayers.


       This is classic Albany.  They take credit for being fiscally conservative, then simply pass the cost on to local property taxpayers.  THIS MAKES IT ALL THE MORE ESSENTIAL THAT THE BUDGET INCLUDE A CIRCUIT BREAKER.  WHY IS IT THAT THE ONLY TAX THAT CAN BE RAISED IN THIS STATE IS THE PROPERTY TAX?  



June 14, 2010

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These small minded people are holding our great state back. We are chained to their incessant babblings and unceasingly repetitive actions. Will they close down government?? Won’t they??

The campaigns for Governor and the legislature have started much the same as the entire year in Albany, sneaky, boring, and with the same old cast of characters.

The promises are the same -made to be broken ; the ideas are the same -made to fail; and the beneficiaries will be the same- the 1% of the population that rakes in the cash while the rest of us- minus the privileged tax exempt “religious” groups– support the services we all need to survive.

Does anyone have to be reminded that the terrible imbalance between the “have a lot folks” (Wall St, and the super- rich) and the “pay a lot folks” (the working and middle class) is most acute in NYS and bodes ill for a financial recovery?

Don’t we all know that the politicians -almost without exception – chose to ignore this inconvenient fact because their campaigns are financed by the “have a lots”?

…and, don’t we know -as in the case of the huge middle class property tax burden- that the pols are pretending that they give a damn while doing absolutely nothing? SO FAR…

For years they have known that the property tax based on some imaginary real estate value (and imagined differently from area to area) would eventually break homeowners and make rentals unaffordable for workers and retirees and any family not living on inherited wealth or Wall Street winnings.

We are at that breaking point.

Still, the democratic nominee for governor –(from whom some folks expected something better.)-touts bogus school budget “caps”L –a Lilliputian solution- to a Brobdingnagian problem- and says he won’t raise taxes on the super- rich. L

The press reports he is playing games with the Working Families Party. Why?

The “minor” parties” have seemingly been reliable “yes” men for the major parties. It’s just more of the same old stuff.

The Republicans have nominated a “safe” and controllable politician with nothing memorable in his campaign briefcase…and the middle class has no political champion-thus far- Most certainly NOT the Tea baggers who have yet to speak coherently about anything. Rage is not a mission statement.  

To rescue NYS, Wall St. must PAY BACK SOME of what it has looted from Main Street.

There is no other way for Albany to begin to redeem itself.

…not after twenty years of demolishing tax equity and favoring the moneyed class and corporations… the gang that brought us recession, misery, and environmental disasters…while continuing to reap huge financial rewards for their greed and malfeasance.

The good old Albany boys don’t speak the truth.

They want to campaign on business as usual-because they are the same good old boys, Democrats and Republicans- with the same old names on the marquee.

We have heard so much drivel from the old Albany boys.

“Hey we can’t up the tax on people earning a million per annum…that’s not a lot nowadays.”!!!???

Honest…I heard that from political “leaders” several times…while they stood idly by as property taxes escalated wildly on the middle and working class.

The politicians don’t even realize how stale they sound. They don’t realize that their rote responses are infuriating.

It’s bad enough they are taxing the middle class to death and not taxing their billionaire campaign donors nearly enough– while delivering not much for the money-at least, guys,  don’t effing bore us to death also.


June 10, 2010

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