End the property tax nightmare!

April 17, 2010

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You’ll  hear Albany  trying  desperately  to come up with property tax relief.

Of course WE still want relief AND reform.

We want relief immediately in the form of the Omnibus circuit breaker which has an individual cap based on income.

Only an individual cap has any meaning for those of us who rent or own our homes-wow, I guess that’s pretty much everybody.

Budget caps –which are generally counter- productive or ineffective– have been kicked to the curb.

Folks figured out those caps have all the efficacy of the pads on the horses used in bull fights-the horses still get gored but the spectators can’t see the blood…

Since there are no longer any spectators in the property tax fight, just about everyone is getting gored.

Reform-part 2 of the Omnibus bill– will sort out the rest of what’s loony about property taxes…which is kinda-well-everything.

So why doesn’t Albany just get on with it and do the thing?

Well Albany wants a solution that will get them cheers from the crowd… but they don’t want to fund it. Now there’s a lousy plan, if ever there was one.

I suspect some also believe that if they keep their heads low no one will notice that Wall Street is making out like a bandito and Main Street is getting robbed.

Soon Albany will be forced to put those two facts together and come up with a way to get some money from the banditos to help the victims of the crime.

That can come in the form of a tax on the fat Wall St. bonuses, or  using some of the $16 billion stock transfer tax that is currently rebated to Wall Street, ( I couldn’t make that up, toots) or some other crumbs from the marble precincts of the fat cats.

Frankly Scarlett, I don’t really give a damn how they do it as long as it’s done.

It’s not that these legislators are such bad guys. Some are pretty nice and reliable.

It’s just that as a group they’re effing catatonic!

April 13, 2010

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must now be replaced by Wall Street’s threat that, if it has to shoulder some of the tax burden caused by its own profligacy, greed, and, duplicity,  it will move to New Jersey.


This threat of Wall Street deserting NYS has terrorized our pusillanimous politicians for decades.

Every time we beg Wall St. to help Main St. –even with just a crumb from their feast-the mouthpieces for the billionaires parrot this  mantra:

“Wall St. will move to New Jersey…Wall St. will move to New Jersey.” (or maybe Dubai).

Since the bankers and hedge fund operators and CEO’s of destroyed companies –and their ilk -reaped trillions in taxpayer bail-outs and billions in bonuses (simultaneously), maybe they have demonstrated that they are a burden rather than a boon.

Perhaps we should help Wall St. find its way to the George Washington Bridge…after all we have no more money left for Wall Street to pillage …and if the financial wizards who brought us the recession are not willing to return a bit of their ill-gotten gains, we have nothing left to lose anyway…despite Albany’s propensity to cave at the slightest threat from the bloated Wall St. big shots.

We could quadruple the tolls on the G.W.Bridge on the day of the mass Wall St. exodus and make some money from them for a change.

Our property taxes kept governments and necessary public services going when Wall Street crashed the economy. 

So now we’re broke but -thanks to us-Wall Street is OK.



April 12, 2010

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April 11, 2010

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…Oh, and about that “race to the top” application from Albany that didn’t win the 700 million offered by the feds…remember the 3000 dollar desk and other items of furniture requested for the Dept of education in Albany?…well  there was another report of an item emanating from the same Dept. of education–a $5000 a day fee for ten days…for an “expert” consultant on pre-kindergarten standards…in case you missed pre-kindergarten, that’s 50,000 for the consultant.

Said one commentator -in the understatement of the year, “These items cast doubt on the ability of the state dept. of education to manage money for the benefit of the children”.

DUH…You think?

So that’s why state workers being laid off are complaining about consultants that cost more than the workers would!!

Let’s see-one consultant for ten days deciding how fast kids should learn to tie their shoes- or one teacher for a year to teach 20 children to actually tie their shoes. Pretty easy choice if your pre-frontal lobes are in working order.

I suspect the “educators” at the NYS Dept of Education missed pre-kindergarten altogether.

………and why is it…..

…that our “public servants” find fault with any and all suggestions we make on finding ways to lift the intolerable burden of property taxes from the shoulders of the citizens of the state?

It’s easy for Albany to say “NO” to property tax reform… it’s easy for Albany to look portentous and say ”NO” when asked to seek a tiny measure of recompense from Wall Street’s rapacious and greedy paws…apparently it’s easy for Albany to vote itself perks and privileges while saying “NO” to children and families asking for their share of services for their outsized share of taxes paid.

Albany is Janus faced; it turns its “NO” face to the middle class and it’s smiley “YES” face to the fat cats who enrich their re-election coffers.

Meanwhile the legislators and governor-in all their years in office- have never forcefully presented or put into effect any of their own ideas on how to solve the crisis that has been growing exponentially for a decade or more..…they are bereft of ideas…they have no creativity…they have no concern for the beleaguered citizens of the state. They have no solutions.

Saying “NO” to viable solutions is not a plan.




April 7, 2010

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The Working Families Partyyes, there are still a few working families left… no thanks to our bankers and corporate highwaymen– suggested that maybe our “public servants” should actually serve the public interest for once and tax outsized Wall Street bonuses to finance property tax reform.

Predictably the chorus of Albany castrati who do Wall Street’s bidding began singing the same old tired refrain, “If we make Wall Streeters pay just a little of their bloated bonuses to save the New Yorkers who bailed them out, they’ll run for the hills.”

Albany never stops trash talking.

They live in fear their Wall Street patrons will cut off their supply of lolly… so they hand out taxpayer money to keep their patrons happy.

However the pols are lionhearted and loud about insisting that public services are too expensive to support with public funds.

No bailouts for hospitals, schools, public  transportation, parks, and the security and safety sectors we depend on for our quality of life; just a lot of the green stuff for the guys who brought us the latest financial disaster…money wrung from the working and middle class taxpayer and handed over to support the monarchial lifestyles of the super rich.

Albany has already caused an exodus…not of the investment bankers and insurance companies but the thousands of workers leaving for sunnier, cheaper climes where property taxes and Albany’s subservience to Wall Street won’t pauperize them.

Remember the part in the Godfather when Don Corleone says “You’ll know the traitor. He’ll be the one who asks for a meeting.”

Well listen to this Sicilian when I say, “You’ll know which pol to vote out of office.

He or she will be the one who says that taxing Wall Street to save Main Street will make the super- rich leave New York. “

Losing elections is the political equivalent of “sleeping with the fishes.”

These traitors to their oath to serve the public interest deserve to “sleep with the fishes.”


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