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April 28, 2010

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ALERT!!  It’s all breaking our way… KEEP CHECKING THIS BLOG…..Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If all the activity in the state Senate yesterday and today is any indication (and it is, I assure you.) the NYS Senate under the excellent Senator Sampson-Dem. Leader- is not only holding out for property tax reform and restoration of necessary services, it is about to craft the funding part of the renewal of NYS.

If I seem happy about the method they have chosen  to fund restoration of services and property tax reform, then you should have a clue what that funding will be…did you read all the previous entries or at least look at the cartoons?? (Why not, you slacker? Boring is not an acceptable answer.)

Did the dime drop yet??!! That’s as much as I can say but keep tuned in.

…and you know damned well I don’t get this excited about nickel and dime taxing…I think beetroot taxes and taxing appreciation of your worn jeans (because that makes them more fashionable, dude) are all well and good in their place…this -the home of Goldman Sachs- does NOT happen to be the place.

NYS has bigger shark to catch  tax than you guys-and I’m assuming you are NOT multi-billionaire Wall St. types when I make that statement..

 Thanks to the Senate and the able leadership of our Omnibus Coalition, the equally excellent Ron (“It Man”) Deutsch, and our own Frank M. we are squarely on the right track…If you need more clues call me…845-256-0082….

April 27, 2010

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THE RIGHT STUFF and the terribly WRONG STUFF……….Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Below is the list of the brave legislators standing up for taxpayers and constituents instead of running scared from the pirates of Wall St.


Politicians and reporters are all bleeding hearts on property tax reform and cuts in services UNTIL IT COMES TO TAXING WALL STREET TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE AND SOLVE THESE PRESSING PROBLEMS.

Then only the true public servants and the good journalists remain standing and don’t run for their rat holes.


The following legislators stood with Omnibus Consortium tax reformers, fiscal policy organizations, good government groups, and the Working Families Party to demand that Wall Street be tithed to even up the tax picture now heavily weighted against homeowners and renters.  

At present Albany is giving Wall Street  16 billion in tax rebates while TOO MANY of the rest of us go without homes , stability, or security. Something is seriously rotten in Albany!


Suddenly the corporate press-not all but a few- are trying to get Sampson to cave. They insist that there are few resources in the state and if we have property tax reform we can’t restore even the few services the pols are talking about restoring..


No mention of Wall street getting 16 billion in rebates…no mention that it’s property taxes-suddenly it’s just “taxes shouldn’t be cut”.

The press knows the differences and it’s no coincidence that they are trying to suggest that all taxes are the same.

Why the amnesia about property taxes being different from –say- a stock transfer tax.

Why aren’t the pols and press shouting out that at this point we can’t afford to rebate the 16 billion each year that NYS GIVES BACK to Wall Street???

Talk about the big lie…now you’ve seen it…and it’s scary.

Remember this List! These are worthy legislators. Re-electable legislators!

Where’s everyone else?


Assembly members


Den Dekker







A C Powell


F Ortiz

B Lifton

H Jeffries

K Camara

E jaffee

V Gibson

R gottfried




A Thompson

R Thompson

B Perkins

T Duane

N Breslin


April 26, 2010

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Be strong like that other Sampson, senator…it’s WHITE KNUCKLE TIME for tax reformers………..Monday, April 26, 2010


As usual some of the chattering classes have got the whole property tax reform battle currently being waged ALL WRONG!

The Senate is trying to pass desperately needed property tax reform – using the only weapon at its command- by refusing to pass a state budget without it.


This is make or break time for working and middle class New Yorkers in every city, or suburb, or rural area of the state.

Albany and some pols elsewhere are trying to divide the progressive tax reform community from the service sector.

We – tax reformers, good government groups, fiscal policy groups, and unions- are insisting that property taxes, which have no connection to income, are regressive and not acceptable in a democratic society.

Unlike state and federal taxes which are limited by percentages on one’s income, property taxes are unlimited and can consume all your income and savings.

People are abandoning their homes and leaving the state because of THIS tax not every tax.

In addition if a home is foreclosed for delinquent property taxes, and then auctioned off, the government takes ALL of the proceeds not just the delinquent tax amount.

It’s scandalous, heartbreaking, and patently unconstitutional. Of course homeowners haven’t the resources to pursue this in the courts-certainly not to the Supreme Court.

Over decades-no matter who was in charge of the Senate-excuses were made for not producing property tax reform… the result is desperation and property taxes taking away more and more family homes -and making rents unaffordable.

The only tactic that hasn’t been used is refusing to pass the budget. That’s what the democratic majority in the senate-led by Senator Sampson- is doing.

Because Albany refuses stupidly to listen to its BEST LEGISLATORS and tax SOME of Wall Street’s ill-gotten gains to restore services and provide property tax reform, Senator Sampson has no recourse but to hold up the budget until sanity prevails.

The service cuts are intolerable while Wall Street goes unscathed. Just restoring them is NOT nearly  good enough.

It’s true that the continued cuts in funding education and Medicaid and every other service are then shifted down to the property tax.

That’s been going on for decades. This year will be worse.

But the charlatans saying restoring the cuts is property tax reform enough are just protecting their benefactors on Wall St. and attempting to divide and conquer the service sector and the property taxpayer who are one and the same middle class and working class segment of our society. The most important…the back bone of our society.

That’s an ugly tactic but typical Albany and typical lickspittle for the Wall St. Cosa Nostra.

We urge the Senate to hold out or the battle for the soul of NYS will be lost. We are becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the kleptocracy on Wall Street and in Albany.

The pain of a delayed budget is bad…allowing the crooks and bought off politicians to win is worse!

Hang tough and live up to your name Sampson….your opponents are NOT nearly as attractive as Delilah.

April 21, 2010

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Yesterday a powerhouse of good guy organizations held a press conference in Albany to protect the middle class from dissolution due to a deadly combination of Albany dysfunction and continued looting by Wall Street.

The Omnibus Property Tax Reform Consortium (our posse), Working Families Party, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, Center for Working Families, the Fiscal Policy Institute stood shoulder to shoulder with legislators WHO CARE AND SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED to demand that Wall Street pay a  small portion of the bills that they owe to the citizens of NYS and which have come due!!! ..Or should I say overdue!!

This sterling group asked for a tax on Wall Street’s obscene $$ booty $$ to fund restoration of services and property tax relief for beleaguered citizens throughout the state.

By this time you know what this blog is all about…saving the middle class from chaotic and exorbitant property taxes and NOT TAKING AWAY THEIR SERVICES TO PAY FOR IT! What a crock to try to pit us against ourselves.

 We all consume these services: education, medical care, law enforcement, fire protection and so much more but we don’t all pay our fair share.

A vast majority of citizens are calling for Wall St. to ante up.

Too bad some officials are protecting their pet Wall St. pirates and not the working and middle class taxpayers who are the bulwark of our civil society.

As soon as my list is complete, I will give you the names of the legislators who stood up with us for justice and equity at yesterday’s press conference.

The Assembly legislators at the conference were especially courageous since the Assembly is –apparently and incredibly- not willing to step up to the plate for middle income New Yorkers but is protecting the vast and often dirty incomes of the “looters in loafers” as Krugman has named them.

The Democratic controlled Senate-on the other hand- has been behaving heroically ….who cares why they are insisting on property tax relief and reform. What matters is that they are. They have dug in their heels and are refusing to pass a budget without it!

 Save that list from the conference for when elections roll around… I’ll post it when I’m sure I have all the names.

Some of the comments from these real and really smart public servants gave me-cynical as Albany has made me-a real uplift.


The Senate must continue to function as a bulwark against those in the Assembly who would prefer business as usual which usually means soaking the working and middle class, cutting services, and rewarding Wall Street for its failures.

To break a cycle of dysfunction and be credible and electable the Dem. controlled Senate must continue holding the line and refuse to allow a budget to pass that does NOT include property tax relief and reform and the restoration of services. The battle for NYS will be won if they stand fast.

Support our senators. They are standing up for us.


A list of the legislators who supported us in calling for Wall St. to help Main St. will follow soon.




April 20, 2010

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Some politicians (BLOOMBERG AND

PATERSON) WILL apparently  STOP AT NOTHING TO PROTECT the Wall St. chancers….It is being reported that Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson have joined together to TRY TO divide New York citizens geographically and foster competition among us for what they claim are the same scarce resources.


In a cynical attempt to  divide and conquer , these two men  are REALLY attempting to protect Wall Street from having to pay back a small share of their ill-gotten gains to restore education cuts AND save the homes of beleaguered property taxpayers…it’s not a case of either/or..

The pols are shamelessly asserting that NYC schools must be protected against property tax reform measures in the state as if the two were somehow incompatible and inimical.

That’s NOT okay talk from responsible officials , guys!

They have further misinformed the public by saying the schools to be protected are in NYC and the homeowners and renters crying out for property tax reform are all in “upstate and the suburbs” …as if they were talking about different countries somewhere in the middle east and not parts of the same state. For shame!

Obviously the two pols exhibited an uncharacteristic burst of energy when a recent Siena poll told them that New Yorkers overwhelmingly supported a tax on Wall Street to address the shortages on Main Street…

So rather than allow their pet pirates-rolling in bail-outs and bonuses- to be tithed to restore services, the mayor and the Gov. decided to make us fight each other rather than look to Wall St. for assistance.

The property tax reform bills currently being discussed (and which Paterson and Bloomberg obviously haven’t bothered to read) would provide a sound basic education for every child in the state. That is a court ordered (CFE) mandate which the Omnibus consortium has built into its property tax reform bill.

Furthermore, while Wall St. wallows in bail-out money and hands out huge bonuses, homeowners and renters in every part of the state-including NYC- are paying much more than their share in taxes just to make up for the racketeers on Wall St.

So anybody who falls for this agitprop from the two pols is a big sap and should be ashamed.


But not all politicians are so debased.

I want to hand it to the NYS Senate-yes, you heard me right- THE NYS SENATE…more on this and the  good guys in the legislature ….and a great press conference LATER…


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