End the property tax nightmare!

February 28, 2010

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February 26, 2010

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…and the governor is freed from the ordeal of amassing a fortune to run for re-election…I hope we can expect swift work on looking the obscene property tax in the eye and…. shooting it down.

Governor Paterson has always been cordial, smart, and even very funny in all our encounters on the subject of property taxes. We always held him in high esteem when we attended functions on the crisis perpetuated by this tax.

He has publicly supported the concept of the circuit breaker…a break through.

Now-freed from the constraints of appealing to BOTH contributors and voters-often an impossible task – Gov. Paterson should be able to make his mark by freeing the middle class from this crippling burden…an  historic  act  by any  measure.

The Governor was raised in a tough “neighborhood”- Albany politics- it takes its toll on everyone who is surrounded by the bubble.

We wish the best for him…and-most importantly – from  him.

February 25, 2010

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We get NO joy out of saying

WE  TOLD  YOU  SO….2/25

Obviously you’ve heard the latest scandal in Albany-this one involving the governor and his praetorian guard.

Back -a -ways (always check previous entries) we suggested more bad stuff was in the wings…of course you may sneer and say,

“That’s a safe prediction to make. You don’t have to have “moles’ in Albany’s men’s rooms (very deluxe -BTW) to know there’s a scandal in the making in Albany every day.”

This one involving Gov. Paterson isn’t going to make the budget process any smoother and it already looks like a rock quarry…so we don’t love scandals.

The only suggestion we want to make is –at this momentAlbany badly needs to make friends with sizeable numbers of voters.

 Therefore we are holding out an olive branch that would insure a lot of good will-for a change.

What better way to make friends than to

Pass the Omnibus solution on property taxes A8702 and S4239a….. and I, at least, will get amnesia about all the Albany malfunctions –(okay Janet Jackson’s exposed you know what was a malfunction….with Albany,  sleaze is the apt choice of word.)

Yes, for us, the most egregious scandal in this state is the loss of homes and financial security and family stability and hope…caused by the %$#@*& property tax which our government has swept under the rug for decades….sex, drugs, hand in the cookie jar ????

That’s all ho-hum …compared with inequitable, oppressive taxation. Dysfunctional politicians come and go….the property tax continues its destruction.

And NOW for all of you taxpayers out there I have a job for you to do….first off call the senate leader Senator Sampson @ 518-455-2788. Tell him you want real Property tax reform and a big Omnibus Circuit Breaker…this session. Now would be timely.

….then call the senate switchboard to talk to your Senator…518-455-2800.

Then –(okay you’re tired of this but try to keep on going)- and e-mail your public servant…below is the list….


Senate e-mail list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Ron Deutsch our coordinator supplied us with the lists…thanks chief.


..and thanks to reformers Susan and Vic who have huge e-lists and made the call “blast” viral as soon as they got it…and Sue and Woody…and Russ …and Russ and Ron and Russ and Annie and Doris and “Slick”…..the names Russ and Sue  (all Tax reform people ) are way ahead on this…good tax reform names apparently…..and there are so many more coordinators and reformers who already made their calls and sent out a blast…that I’ll continue the honor roll in different entries…… as an individual your call counts BIG TIME…..especially right now but I can’t tell you why or our mole will be killed and so will I J

Keep me in your loop and I’ll do the same.







February 24, 2010

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February 23, 2010

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We are on the brink of a decision to try emigrating to Canada. The only thing to stop us is the passage of the circuit breaker. Vaughn Smith (property tax reformer) 2/23



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