End the property tax nightmare!

August 2, 2009

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People debate at length how the pork should be distributed…thus far the party in power-whether GOP or DEM  gets the biggest piggy share.

While you are debating this, please remember it could ALL be dedicated to finance property tax reform…and could have been for years and years.

The prop. tax crisis would have been all over by now and homeowners and renters would be snug in their homes  -instead of constantly being threatened by foreclosure for property tax delinquency-if  Albany really cared.

This is only one of many sources of $$$$$ I and other tax reformers have easily identified to solve the horrendous property tax crisis that is bankrupting people.

….but the problem is that when legislators or mouthpieces for the governor ask plaintively , “But where are we going to find the money for reform?” they really don’t want an answer.

What they want is for us to find some loose change that they haven’t already dedicated to their pet projects, their pork, their vote getting tax exempt largesse, their expensive coterie of advisors and consultants, their attempts to paper over the lack of real results by hiring expensive PR people, their hand-outs of our money to give themselves the best of everything in health care and the kind of pensions that  beggar police and firemen pensions  –and remember police and firemen actually work for their pensions.

Albany does not know the meaning of the word “sacrifice” except when applied to property taxpayers who have been waiting in line for decades to get justice or just a fair shake.

Each year Albany shifts more and more of its responsibilities from the income tax to the property tax (which has no relationship to our incomes). They even defy court orders telling them to pay up.

They know it and we know it -but like alcoholics who just can’t stop drinking- Albany has lured everyone who gets a job there into bellying up to the bar…. and turned them into fellow alcoholics.

For a long time now I have said to Albany ,  “It’s your effing job to do prop. tax reform. Find the effing money! Make choices!..or get out of the way.” 

Albany can make a perfect lady (not!) develop a very salty vocabulary very fast.::::::J

Now when asked, “Where can we get the money to pay for tax reform.?” we’ll tell them, “Give us four weeks and the books and we’ll tell you.

They will like that answer even less than , “It’s your effing job, do it!”


Remember when I told you that the Senate voted down a proposal favored by the Comptroller to let localities borrow from the state to pay their pension obligations?

Remember I said it would have softened a little the big hit to property taxes?

Remember that some papers said they laughed when they did it because it was payback for the Comptroller withholding their perks during the Senate strike?

Remember I told you I’d find out who voted it down?

Well I’m still looking and I won’t stop. They can run but they can’t hide forever. HOW they hate to have their votes publicized!

When the legislature re-convenes on August 6th…as rumor and some media have them doing- they would do well to put property tax reform on their agenda…..really….it’s not like they don’t need to do something that will give them SOME legitimacy!

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