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October 28, 2010

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Thanks to the hip and savvy senior club of New Paltz and Gardiner…Thursday, October 28, 2010

for inviting us to a discussion of property taxes yesterday…

Prez. George and Secretary Kate and Ed and (La dolce) Vita and Bella and Jane and so many other smart and up-to-date folks taught me a lot more about the “guts” of this property tax CATASTROPHE than I taught them…Many of the members are leaders in their communities and are contributing their experience and years of service for the general wellbeing of all of us…it was enlightening.

What I learned was that people-even religious people- are upset by the generous property tax exemptions going to some religious communities. This makes sense because the rest of us are “tithed” to make up the difference.

People support education but do not want to pay for the high cost and excessive numbers of administrative positions that are clearly costly and useless. The point was made by a participant that NYC with vastly more students has many fewer supernumeraries.

Another club member showed me that folks are UNDERWHELMED by the budget cap that lots of pols are pushing. This group wasn’t buying it.

In one town represented by the club the budget went up 1.8% but their taxes went up 10% and 11%. So much for the cap.

(Don’t try to sell snake oil to people with a lot of experience in life.)

The group supported the concept that income should determine how much we pay in property taxes.

Many seniors will leave NYS because of these taxes. Many more will see their children leave because young families can’t afford a home here.

The situation is perilous for the middle class and this group was “hip” to that fact.

(I also had a nice talk with a lively, attractive gal about “boy toys” but that’s another story and I’ll never tell.)J

Thanks guys…it was an enlightening afternoon for me…and fun. 

Officers of the New Paltz-Gardiner Seniors:

Officers of the New Paltz-Gardiner Seniors:

President – George Wheeler

Vice President – Clara Stockhoffer

Recording Secretary –  Kay Morrissey

Treasurer – Heinz Pfaff

Corresponding Secretary – Joyce Ettess




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