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October 22, 2010

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Vocabulary of tax reform-a PRIMER…

So many of us are confused about all the terminology attaching to the property tax reform movement that we thought a Rosetta Stone was in order…

You may recall that no one could read ancient Egyptian until an ancient  stone stele –used in a fort in Rashid (Rosetta)- was found with the same thing written in ancient Greek and Egyptian demotic and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs… because of this discovery ancient Egyptian writing began to be decoded.

So I will decode for you some hieroglyphs of the property tax.

                 Taxnightmare Rosetta Stone


Property tax– money paid in blackmail to ransom one’s home.

Real estate value– a fictional number which rises to meet rising blackmail demands.

Equalization rate– ancient Egyptian number hieroglyph before the Rosetta Stone was discovered and after all the Ancient Egyptians who understood it had died.

Thought to be a tool used for the pacification of slave populations throughout the ancient world.

Tax levy cap– a device used by the sophists in ancient Greece to persuade slave populations that had been pacified by the equalization rate that if they just rowed harder they could avoid a whipping.

Foreclosure for delinquent property taxes…a modern term to denote a hit by the mob when the protection money isn’t paid in full and on time.

Now you understand the subject, here’s a  brief advisory.

For those of us working for justice and on the side of the good guys there is only one remedy for the evils of the dreaded property tax.

That remedy is the “CAP tied to income” AKA the “CIRCUIT BREAKER tax limit CAP” which caps your individual property tax.

This does not interrupt services and your neighbors don’t pick up the slack.

This CB cap is part of the Omnibus Bill which also makes provision to reform the entire midden (ancient pile of garbage) that is the property tax. (very important!)

So all you suckers (taxpayers), if the bosses (legislators) tell you they’re for a CAP…WATCH OUT for the old bait and switch!

Make sure you are on the same page and talking about the SAME cap.

Make sure they mean the REAL cap, the circuit breaker CAP and not the one that just makes you row harder.


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