End the property tax nightmare!

October 15, 2010

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October 12, 2010

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Think again kids.

A WSJ article of Oct. 2nd says differently. Not only are people getting huge, incomprehensible prop. tax raises on co-ops, condos, and homes in the city, the tax is totally screwy and impossible to justify… who gets what bill and why and how- takes more than a math genius to sort out. It takes an EVIL genius to justify this tax.

The city-like the state– keeps saying the prop. tax is a bitch and needs to be fixed and keeps neglecting to fix it.

Buildings on the same luxury block are taxed differently for no apparent reason. Buildings, even if they are co-ops or condos, are taxed as if they were rentals-

everything about the %$#@* tax –statewide-is so indefensible it’s ridiculous

..and interestingly enough the income tax now is small pickings compared to the Prop.Tax in NYS and NYC.

Curiouser and curiouser… – the super-rich in the state get major income tax relief or bail outs- BUT the property tax goes up so the middle class is being ruined.

..and all the legislators come up with is: CAP the services provided the middle class but make them go on paying more and more of the state’s share (income tax funded) while the state dumps those responsibilities on local government (property tax funded).

The uber -rich have a parallel, but much more elegant set of services funded by their vastly more generous share of untaxed income.

So who but a handful of the richest- like good old plain spoken Warren Buffet- think twice about starving public services…and blaming workers  for the shortfall.

Welcome to the property tax circus, NYC property tax victims. But I guess you always knew about it.

In this state -at this time- workers and middle class taxpayers (and decent legislators) must all hang together…or…but you know the rest of that saying.

(Hey BTW it’s not my data… …it’s the Wall Street Journal for goodness sake!!!!!:) Try to get a copy. The story is no longer accessible on line.


October 10, 2010

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Yikes!!!!!Sunday, October 10, 2010


Please-if you are a gubernatorial candidate, Paladino, supporter- email your man to cool the rhetoric on cutting income taxes. It’s property taxes that are crazy and sleazy in NYS!

To us property tax reformers that sent a chill up our collective spine…it means more of the state’s responsibilities will be shifted away from the income tax (based –obviously-on income and limited by law) and onto the-YIKES-property tax (not based on income- and the sky’s the limit).

Equally ominous- because the state has been pulling this scam all along- Mr. Paladino is threatening to cut the state’s share of Medicaid funding!!

It doesn’t go away kids…it doesn’t reduce the need for Medicaid …it just goes on the county taxes which are-you guessed it- PROPERTY TAXES.

Catastrophe added to catastrophe for homeowners and renters who are waiting for a circuit breaker to actually reduce their crazy taxes…not ways to raise them.

And those of you who are supporting A.G.Cuomo for governor, email your guy and tell him to get off the dunce cap hobby horse which is no protection whatsoever and doesn’t reduce or “cap’ individual property tax bills…at all… ever. In fact the cap practically guarantees a raise every year.

Cuomo’s plans like Paladino’s would actually result in increased property taxes.

We desperately need a tax reducing circuit breaker.

Do these guys live in NYS???

Oh right. Neither of them is short on cash. Neither is in danger of -or already paying- 20% or 40% of their income in property taxes to keep their home from the auction block.

Give us a break…we’re on the edge of ruin.

Meanwhile lucky Connecticut has Dan Malloy as its Dem candidate for governor.

Malloy won the nomination by vowing to raise income taxes on the highest income earners and use the money to lower horrendous property taxes.

Malloy says property taxes exacerbate Connecticut’s big divide between the very rich and everyone else.

Apparently people like his message-and we know they hate the ruinous property tax.

It is Malloy’s priority to lessen the wealth divide which is overwhelming democracy in this country.

Why are the candidates in NYS talking sex and trash while Malloy talks policy?

Do they not understand that the property tax is the tax that is causing people to flee NYS- NOT the income tax?

Do they care that it is destroying the state’s reputation and financial stability? People are screaming for reform…real reform.

So far, unlike Malloy, they seem to be clueless…or just knee- jerk politicians who are afraid they’ll risk losing the election if they tell the truth…if so,they  misjudge what the people want in a leader.  

We already have that type of pol….we don’t need more of the same.

October 8, 2010

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In a message dated 10/8/2010 4:33:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Carole Kraus, leader…

Did you know that:
• New York’s high tax burden is driven by local taxes – not by state income taxes, which are about average among states.
• New York State’s local taxes are the highest in the US. They’re 70% higher than the national average.
• Counties around the state have millions in school tax arrears –
taxes they can’t collect because homeowners can’t pay them. For
example, 3 Hudson Valley counties have $100 million in uncollectible school taxes in 2010.
• Property tax levies continue to rise at more than twice the rate of inflation and salary growth.
• When a homeowner falls behind in property tax payments, the county can foreclose, auction the house, and keep all proceeds – back taxes, interest and the remaining home equity.
The homeowner loses everything.

In my town of Marbletown (Ulster County), 1 of 7 homeowners is in school property tax arrears.

We’ve reached the end of an era. Property taxation as we know it has
got to end.

October 6, 2010

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